The outsourcing industry has grown globally, with many businesses relying on third-party providers to take over critical business processes offshore. Outsourcing business processes, specifically customer service, allows you to cut costs, improve overall efficiency, and focus on other key business aspects. 

To get the results you want and ensure success with your customer service outsourcing, you’ll need to choose a provider with the right qualities. Factors such as culture, economic climate, government support, workforce literacy, and capabilities can make all the difference in your selection. After all, having professionals who can provide quality service in line with your brand image and culture are sure to keep your customers happy.

Why Choose the Philippines for Customer Support Outsourcing Needs

The Philippines has grown to be one of the top outsourcing destinations across the globe. Dubbed the “BPO Capital of the World,” the country boasts of almost $24 billion in total outsourcing revenues from 2016 with an anticipated total of $50 billion by 2020

The demand for outsourcing services has driven rapid development in key regions such as Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, and Baguio, which are estimated to grow by up to 50% by 2022. This success, seen in the sector’s 9% contribution to the country’s GDP growth, may be due to these factors:

  • High standard of education

With a literacy rate of 97.5 and over 680,000 university graduates annually, the Philippines has a skilled and well-educated workforce that translates into a constant source of talent for the outsourcing industry. Additionally, with the education system in the country closely emulating that of the US, it’s easy to gauge an outsourced employee’s skill level. 

You won’t have to worry about ill-fitted workers or a lack of competence if you outsource your customer support reps to this country.

  • Flexible and skilled professionals

Filipino employees come from a multitude of backgrounds. The talent pool is educated in various disciplines like information technology, medicine, graphic design, accounting, real estate, and more. Combine this factor with the high educational attainment of the workforce, and you get professionals who can provide high levels of customer service. 

Additionally, the diversity in skills allow outsourcing providers to tailor-fit solutions for your business to provide quality service

  • English is an official language

The Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking country in the world, with around 60 million speakers of the language. English is one of two official languages in the country and is used by the government, legal system, and higher education. 

You can expect Filipino customer support agents to possess excellent English communication skills and speak it in a neutral accent. This allows for seamless communication that is never out of place elsewhere in the world.

  • Lower labor costs

Compared to its Western counterparts, wages in the Philippines are on the lower end of the spectrum. This is due to an overall lower cost of living, which you’ll be hard-pressed to find in countries like Australia, the US, or in countries across Europe. This means your business can save up to 60% on things like expanding office space, legal fees, equipment, and taxes by outsourcing customer support to the Philippines. 

  • Strong government support

The outsourcing industry plays a significant role in the Philippine economy. This is why the government supports its growth through infrastructure development and policies that allow tax and non-tax incentives for foreign investors. 

In addition, it also forms partnerships with universities for the creation of BPO-specific curriculums, as well as creating a voucher system with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) for funding call center training. 

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  • Cultural melting pot

As a result of the Philippines’ long history under Spanish, American, and Japanese rule, as well as its roots in trading with various Asian countries, Filipino culture has become an interesting mix of values and attitudes. 

With a vibrant hodgepodge of traditions, languages, and influences, Filipino customer support reps can work compatibly with both clients and business counterparts from different nations, especially those from Western countries. This kind of cultural affinity is what gives the Philippines an edge in customer support over other countries.

  • Great work ethic and attitude

Filipino customer support reps are known for their hard work. More than that, they also excel in customer service because of their hospitable attitude. With their trademark warm and friendly approach, your customer base is sure to receive great support. Aside from this, Filipinos see value in their jobs, with many opting to stay with good employers for much longer than the industry average.

Additionally, because of their dedication to performance, Filipino workers are more likely to be flexible. They are willing to work odd hours and shifts, accommodating clients no matter where they are on the globe. 

The Philippines as an Outsourcing Powerhouse

All in all, the Philippines has much to offer for your customer support needs—a well-established industry, a highly-skilled workforce, a warm and dedicated attitude, and a vibrant culture. If your business needs the job done well and with heart, this country gives you the perfect opportunity to do so.

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