This week’s blog round-up focuses on three things: outsourcing, e-commerce, and customer service. Learn about the current trends that have a significant impact on these three areas, and gain tips on how to provide better services to customers.

Ten posts from ten leading companies

We have highlighted ten posts in order to provide a comprehensive update on everything that is going on in the world of technology and outsourcing. Be sure to read all articles on this list.

SuperStaff Outsourcing Roundup Monday

Outsourced Call Center Trends That Will Revolutionize Customer Service – Advantage Communications

Advantage Communications, a company that provides customer service support through Jamaican, Canadian, and Mexican call centers, has released an article regarding current trends in the industry. Perhaps, the best piece of wisdom shared in the article is the forecast that call centers will transition from providing a transactional to an experiential journey. This means that customers will perceive a product’s value mostly based on the level of service that comes with it. Read the article so that you can be informed of the current trends that are changing the landscape.

Profits up for recruitment agencies outsourcing payroll – The Business Desk

As one of the fastest-growing business media companies in the UK, The Business Desk is always on the lookout for practices that shape business and economics. In this article, they have pointed out the benefits of outsourcing payroll, which apparently not only reduces costs but immediately increases profits.

Small Business Payroll Solutions to Make Your Life Easier – The Hartford SBA

The Hartford takes an in-depth look at the ways payroll software can provide benefits to small businesses. They provide not just data, but also a qualitative analysis of different applications and software currently in the market. This article should be read by owners of small-to-medium enterprises so that they can be guided regarding the differences of various payroll technology available.

Erin O’Toole calls for better conditions for workers, slams outsourcing to China in speech – Ottawa Citizen

Canadian politician Erin O’Toole points out the differences in salary between in-house and outsourced employees. According to this report by the Ottawa Citizen, outsourced offshore employment inevitably hurts the Canadian economy, as fewer jobs become available to Canadian citizens. However, many companies still go for outsourcing because it is cost-effective due to lower wages and differences in standards of living.

Software Development Outsourcing: How to Avoid Pitfalls – Gravum

Gravum is an IT company that caters primarily to the Eastern European market, and in this blog, they give five tips for companies that outsource tasks for software development. In a nutshell, they talk about strategizing, quality control, security, pricing, and logistics, giving the readers advice on how to avoid costly mistakes when outsourcing various tech-related tasks.

The Importance of Outsourcing IT Support – Interpages

Amidst the new normal, remote-work setups have allowed companies to continue providing for their customers. Interpages goes a step further and writes about how outsourcing IT support is better for most businesses, as it not only reduces expenses but also enhances productivity. The article provides eight reasons, and each one is worth reading, especially for companies who want to thrive amidst the pandemic.

The Next Big Thing in e-Commerce During & After Coronavirus – MessageMuse

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the significant causes of the rapid growth of e-commerce, as consumers have turned to online shopping amid various lockdowns and restrictions. MessageMuse has provided data regarding the effects of the coronavirus on online retail, and they predict that the change in consumer behavior is here to stay. Read the article for more.

How to Improve Call Center Customer Service – NobelBiz

NobelBiz, a company that provides contact center solutions, has released guidelines for companies so they can improve their call center customer services. Six pieces of advice focus on improving services from the client’s side; three ways are shared in order to improve services from the tech side; three additional tips are given to improve call center solutions from the agents’ side. This article is perhaps one of the most comprehensive guidelines published recently.

Improved Customer Service Can Influence Growth – Ansafone

Based in the US, Ansafone has been regularly publishing articles regarding the BPO industry. Their recent post focuses on how good customer experience can help fuel a company’s growth. The article also gives additional advice so that companies can promptly analyze and solve problems, and customers will not only be satisfied, but will come back to do business again.

Top 5 Reasons to Improve FCR – SQM

First Call Resolution, or FCR, is a metric to analyze a call center’s overall performance. In this article, SQM lists down six reasons (they provide a bonus reason) as to why improving the FCR is important. Furthermore, they also provide information regarding FCR benchmarking and FCR comparison for contact channels.

SuperStaff publishes weekly round-ups to share content published by companies that focus on technology, outsourcing, customer service, and innovation. These ten articles will surely help any company to gain more insight regarding the current trends and tools to be able to provide better and more efficient service.


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