It’s a new year, and we have a new list of articles for you!

This week, we’ve focused on the healthcare and outsourcing industries. Learn how the benefits of outsourcing, creating better relationships with clients and employees, and the emerging tools and trends that will shape businesses for 2021 and beyond.

We’ve included good reads on human resources and data management, too.

Be sure to read all ten articles to know more about what’s happening at the start of 2021.

SuperStaff Outsourcing Roundup Monday

Here are the business trends and tools that are shaping 2021:

The Benefits of Outsourcing for Business – AllBusiness

AllBusiness, one of the largest online resources for small businesses, has published a comprehensive piece that outlines the benefits of outsourcing. The article explains how carefully planned outsourcing provides long-term advantages, from reducing costs to increasing efficiency. 

3 Reasons You Need to Outsource in 2021 – Karen Repoli

Business strategist Karen Repoli reveals why outsourcing is the best way to expand business services at a fraction of the cost. She reminds business owners that time is money; outsourced tasks mean more time to focus on income-generating ventures. She gives examples of roles that may be outsourced, such as those of virtual assistants, copywriters, and graphics designers.

You’re Only as Good as Your Last Submission – Headcount Management

How can businesses create lasting relationships with their clients? Headcount Management explores the causes for “client ghosting,” or when deals fall out instead of pushing through. The article illustrates specific steps to attract and retain clients for the long haul.

How Does Outsourcing Form Processing Benefits Your Organization? – Data Entry Export

Many companies spend time and money digitizing and processing forms. Data Entry Export suggests outsourcing form processing to save on resources and boost productivity. Five benefits are stated in the article: cost-effectiveness, a focus on core competencies, additional expertise, customized services, and automation.

Pandemic Accents Value of Software, Telehealth During Crisis – InSync Healthcare Solutions

The rise of telehealth has gained more momentum due to COVID-19. InSync, a healthcare solutions company, talks about the best platforms for telehealth and telemedicine. Ways to provide healthcare have changed due to the pandemic, and it seems like some of these changes are here to stay.

Benefits of Virtual Training During the COVID-19 Pandemic  – eLearning Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has also significantly impacted the workforce. With many employees now working from home, companies have now even begun to offer virtual training. This article talks about the effects of the shift to work-from-home setups, the benefits of virtual training, and whether virtual training is just a trend or a permanent addition to work culture.

5 Misconceptions That Hinder Remotely Managed Teams – BairesDev

Remote management has also significantly grown in the past months. Enterprises are now equipped with the right tools to ensure flexibility and productivity. BairesDev, an outsourcing company based in Latin America, talks about the five most common misconceptions about working remotely. The article also provides valuable insight into how companies can effectively manage remote employees.

Accounts Outsourcing and AccountingTech, what’s the difference? – Isosceles Finance

How can accounts outsourcing help businesses grow rapidly? What are the differences between accounts outsourcing solutions and the mere implementation of accounts technology? Isosceles Finance, a UK-based company that provides accounts outsourcing to technology companies, provides insight on finding the right accounts outsourcing solutions and technology.

7 Software Outsourcing Trends to Follow in the Future – TPS Software Solutions

The rapid development of technology has led to various trends, but which of the emerging technologies are here to stay? TPS lists the seven outsourcing trends that are shaping global business management for 2021 and beyond. The focus is on software outsourcing and how companies can implement the perfect technology strategy.

Evolving Trends and 7 Reasons Why Outsourcing Is a Great Tool in Post-Pandemic World – Techment

Techment, a business solutions provider based in India, discusses the rapid growth of outsourcing and its benefits. The reasons include access to talent, high-quality output, optimized workflow, faster turnaround, reduced risk, and cost-effectiveness. The article also focuses on Indian companies and what they call the “Indian IT ecosystem.”

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We hope that this week’s roundup has helped you know more about which trends and emerging technologies are here to stay. With the recent changes in systems, technology, and work culture, it is good to always know about what’s going on in the world of outsourcing.

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