Delivering quality customer experience became more vital for businesses during the pandemic. Consumer behavior changed as they remain to live in lockdown. With this, most people and organizations were forced to shift into a digital or remote way of running their operations. The work-at-home setup, online shopping and delivery, and virtual communication intensified the surge in digitalization.

However, the connection between people and brands also holds emotional components. The relationship of a business with its customers is built over time, specifically during crises. This means that customers are seeking more than the brand—they are also after the level of experience they could get from the company.

So how can your company keep up with these adjustments? Customer service statistics can guide you on how to stay and stand out in the game. Below are the latest statistics on customer service by Microsoft.

Good Customer Service: Achieving Goals

Suzanne Steele, Adobe managing director of Australia and New Zealand, said that customer service should be ready to update and adapt.

“It’s important to strengthen customer relationships in uncertain times, not just think about creating new ones,” Steele says. Enriching the customer experience is key in understanding their needs. A great customer experience strengthens the relationship between businesses and their consumers. Doing so will help your business keep patrons in the long run, regardless of the situation.

Below are the most vital points of good customer service that will help you understand the demands of customers this instant:

  1. 33 percent say that resolving their problems on a single interaction is most important. Most customers do not mind the length of the call, as long as the problem is solved.
  2. 31 percent expect a knowledgeable customer service representative.
  3. 21 percent prefer not repeating themselves when transferred to a new agent.
  4. 12 percent want to find the information they need without having to contact a customer service agent.

The data shows that resolving problems in a single interaction is most valued in having a good service experience. Through knowing this, companies would gain better judgment of how they can enrich the customer service they provide. 

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Poor Customer Service: Missing the Mark

A customer’s bad experience with a company can be damaging. Research shows that 8 out of 10 customers would switch to another brand due to poor customer service. This can negatively affect a business’s profits and reputation.

It is best to check what customers view as the most frustrating aspects of poor service experience. Doing so can help businesses identify gaps in customer satisfaction. 

  1. 36 percent find it most frustrating when the representative lacks the knowledge or ability to resolve their issue.
  2. 31 percent dislike having to give their information many times.
  3. 20 percent consider inaccessible call center agents as poor customer service.
  4. 12 percent find ineffective options for self-service as a frustrating experience.

 The initial data shows that customers want their inquiries resolved during a single interaction. It is no surprise that what frustrates the customers the most is an agent’s lack of knowledge to fix their issues.

Higher Expectations on Customer Service

Understanding your clients’ perspectives on customer service will help build a better relationship with them. As a result, it will enhance brand loyalty and help your business grow.

Here are the two general points that you can take note of to enhance your customer service:

  1. Good service over speed. The numbers illustrated above reflect that competent and knowledgeable service is more appealing to customers. Rude support staff who rush through the service won’t cut it; your team members must be willing to assist your clients and help them through the process.
  2. More personalized experience. There is a difference between a customer service agent who shows concern, than one who just wants to get the transaction over with. Customers much prefer a personalized approach, regardless of the channel they choose. How can this be done? 
  • Use the name of the customer. Using their name in conversation means you are acknowledging them as an individual. This won’t make them feel like another numbered ticket to be dispatched after.
  • Record customers’ previous transactions. Customers appreciate it when agents keep track of their data from past interactions. Doing so will prevent customers from repeating themselves. Also, they will view your customer service as dedicated and intentional—that you actually do care about their concerns and that you are willing to help resolve them.
  • Ask for feedback. Requesting feedback allows your company to improve personalization options in the future. This also shows that you consider what customers think and feel about your service.

Call on the Experts

Customer service has become an essential part of any business now more than ever. However, this is not the only thing that matters. At times of challenge, firms must focus more on their core competencies to strengthen their business. Yet this has become a challenge as more business operations are still in remote settings and skeletal workforce to ensure safety.

Fortunately, outsourcing is one business practice that was able to adapt immediately during this health crisis. Most outsourcing companies provide work-from-home arrangements ever since, especially in the Philippines. Outsourcing companies in the Philippines were allowed by their government to have 50 percent of their workforce on-site. The other 50 percent of their workforce is working from home.

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But how will this information help your business?

The essence of outsourcing is to provide cost-effective services that will support businesses in their daily operations. Moreover, it aids the company’s growth by giving them the freedom to focus more on other functions, especially with the overall management. Even before the pandemic occurred, outsourcing companies already were more advanced with their news trends, a wide range of solutions, and well-trained workers.

Having a glimpse of the benefits of outsourcing your customer service, it all boils down to choosing the right partner for you. A well-established and experienced partner with an exceptional customer service support record will be an ideal choice.

SuperStaff is an outsourcing company that serves companies in the Philippines, the United States, Europe, and Australia. In 2009, our parent company, which happens to be our first client, needed a BPO provider. Yet, we could not find the right call center partner for them. So we created our own to work as the firm’s in-house BPO. Since then, we have added technical and customer support and other services on multiple platforms. We provide solutions that recognize global industry standards.

We provide multi-channel technical support, IT, Help Desk, and more outsourcing solutions.

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