Over the years, outsourcing has become the norm for many businesses, both large and small. This isn’t surprising to see, considering that outsourced work is undeniably more cost-effective than adding in-house. Companies report between 10% to 25% savings, in part, due to how easy it is to adjust the amount of support they pay for, which all depends on their changing needs.  

Quality isn’t sacrificed either, as most outsourced employees are highly skilled in their respective disciplines, and are only more affordable due to geographical location. Additionally, utilizing offshore talent will also allow your in-house team to focus on the core competencies of your business that are best done locally.

One of the business functions commonly being outsourced today is recruitment, so much so that Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is currently a burgeoning industry. Small businesses can significantly benefit from RPOs because of its size—likely, companies that are just starting out are yet to have a definitive and efficient hiring process. 

If you’re considering getting a partner that will help set up and execute your RPO needs, you must evaluate both your own needs and your partner’s capability, based on the following factors:

Business Needs

In terms of hiring, what does your small business require? Whether you need to acquire support for starting operations at a new branch or need new contractors, your chosen partner should have the skills and resources to provide you with it. 

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Industry Niche/Expertise

You want to hire an RPO that’s already familiar, understands, or have previously worked with a company in the same industry as yours. This way, recruiters already have an idea of the specific profile, skills, or talents that you need for the company. 

Ask for evidence from your prospective partner’s work with a company similar to yours and check the complexity of the job done and their success. They should be able to provide a case study if they are proud of their work. 

Track Record

As you try to discover more about your chosen RPO partner, it may help to ask these questions:

  • What are some examples of programs and projects you’ve done that demonstrate the services you offer? 
  • Who are your previous clients, and how big are their business? 
  • What are the industries they operate in?

Validate their expertise by conducting site visits, and meeting members of the team whom you may have to work with. Spend as much time with your potential suppliers as possible to discover if they match your key selection criteria and get a better sense of how comfortable you are with working with them.

Scope of Service

What do you want your recruitment partner to do? There are those that specialize in employer branding; some are more adept in finding talents, while a few can execute psychometric assessment and background checking. 

It’s now up to you if you want one that is all-around or you just want them to focus on one specific area of recruitment. However, a partner who can bring it all together is more attractive and can save you time and resources. In addition, check how and where their services have been employed and what the results were. 

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For some businesses, peak season is not all year round. Understandably, you’d want to scale up and hire more people to help during busier days, but once it fluctuates, you’d want to scale back again. In this case, your RPO provider should also be flexible enough and be able to accommodate your scalability when needed. 

Cost vs. Quality/Efficiency

Although price is a huge factor in choosing an RPO partner, it shouldn’t be the only factor. You’ll want a partner who can improve your hiring weaknesses while capitalizing on your strengths. Finding a partner that can accomplish this will likely not be your cheapest option.

Consider how much more effective an RPO partner could make your hiring process due to their industry-specific resources and experience. If you find that you’re paying quite a steep price, it is simply what you have to pay to see higher returns in the long run.

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Collaborating with the Best to Hire the Right People

The success of your recruitment efforts depends on various components, such as your current processes, different techniques to execute these processes, the people who will be working on it, and the technology in place. The same could be said for your chosen RPO partner. You’d want to look for a partner who has the right mix of all these factors, as RPOs vary in flexibility, specialization, or type of services offered. 

SuperStaff is a reliable recruitment process outsourcing partner that can help redefine your recruitment processes and attract the best talent available in your industry.  Contact us today and hire the best talents to help grow your business.   

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