Cyberattacks are increasing. The impact of COVID-19 has created opportunities for threat actors to take advantage of vulnerable, unmanned networks, and corporate data. While many businesses have fallen victim, many more are wising up and beefing up information security and countermeasures against these attacks. However, while enterprises are commendable to self-initiate steps against these threats, the more successful ones take the extra mile: Enlisting outsourced Information Technology (IT) allies.

This article will focus on why a business should have a competent partner in securing their network and data against damaging cyberattacks on the rise in the face of the new normal.

What is a cyberattack and how devastating is it?

A cyberattack is a form of an assault using one or more computers to perform data theft and/or disable a single or multiple computer or network. That said, how devastating is a potential cyberattack to your business?

According to Cybersecurity Ventures’ prediction, cybercrime damages will globally amount to $6 trillion annually by 2021. This is twice the amount from $3 trillion in 2015. Furthermore, they predict that businesses will fall to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds by 2021.

Meanwhile, In a 2019 online report by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA), companies spend around an estimated $3.92 million cost to fix a data breach.

Exposing your business to cyberattacks is very risky. Fortunately, you have an option to secure your assets. Hiring the services of an IT outsourcing solution expert is key. 

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The Benefits of Having Your IT Outsourced to Address Cybersecurity 

In the past, businesses employed external vendors to IT concerns. Their services included software development, web development, website maintenance, technical support, and database development. However, cybersecurity has currently become the focus when acquiring an outsourcing partner. Breaking it down, below are the following benefits your business gain in partnership with a competent IT outsourcing company.

  • Risk Management

Cybersecurity services revolve around an IT partner’s process of providing you disaster recovery and data security services. Some IT outsourcing fails to disclose this part of the service. In contrast, clients assume that it automatically comes with acquiring outsourced service. It is recommended that both parties have an agreement sealing the deal.

  • Focus on Core Competence

Not every company will have a grasp on the technical aspect of their operations. Having computer-savvy personnel will not be enough to resolve issues like cyberattacks and data breach. It is better to support your business with IT specialists to safeguard your data. Consequently, it enables your in-house teams to have more room and focus on your company’s niche.

  • Wide Talent Pool, Updated Technology

Obtaining your own skilled in-house IT team can pose a severe and expensive challenge to your business operations. Valuable resources can be spent on more important things that improve the bottom line. Meanwhile, IT outsourcing companies have access to a broader pool of professionals. These experts have undergone training and are better equipped with the latest computer hardware and software shouldered by their parent company.

Cybersecurity Reminder

At a Benco-organized webinar on cybersecurity threats, cybersecurity expert Debi Carr reminds clients to get a full system backup of their server to supplement those provided by your IT partner. Additionally, she gave advice on having everyone to follow protocol on the backup process of data.

  • Have your IT company show you how you can do a full system backup. 
  • Do a monthly system back to act as a differential for each prior monthly done. 
  • As much as possible, perform a nightly incremental backup in case of sudden cyberattacks.

Super Secure, Super Reliable, SuperStaff

If you are a business seeking secure and competent IT service, then look no further: SuperStaff is the partner you are looking for.

SuperStaff has a decade-long experience with clients in the healthcare and biopharma industries–both of which, according to experts, receive the largest share of cyberattacks daily. Thus, with SuperStaff’s transparent process, combined with skilled experts, up-to-date equipment, and professional working ethics. SuperStaff has consistently provided the best IT partnership experience to guarantee a safe and secure process in data management and other IT services. 


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