In today’s highly connected world, reputation management is the name of the game. Global lockdowns have helped paved the way for businesses to conduct their operations online. Buyers aren’t just looking for stellar products and services—your business must also provide excellent customer service.

What kind of customer experience do you provide your customers? Here are some ways that your business can deal with negative customer feedback and take it as a learning experience for growth and improvement.

The impact of negative feedback

A happy customer will tell six of their friends about their positive experience with your brand; the figure doubles when it comes to negative reviews. The unhappy shopper will tell 15 or more people if they’re dissatisfied with your product or service. Besides, a bad customer service encounter leaves your clients no other choice but to look elsewhere.

Do people even leave reviews? Yes, they do—and 93 percent of online buyers say that online reviews impact their buying decisions. Honest feedback from another shopper matters because it helps manage your customers’ expectations and think through their options.

You can leverage reviews to be a useful marketing tool for your business, whether you receive one star or five stars. Responding properly to customer complaints can either make or break your sales.

Your business can learn from customer service mistakes by responding to and learning from them, and continuously challenging your team to grow, learn, and improve.

Dealing with Negative Customer Feedback

Steps to bad review recovery

Let’s face it: you can’t please everyone. Bad reviews are inevitable.  Despite your best efforts, everyone won’t be satisfied with the product or service you offer. But how do you deal with negative customer reviews?

  • Answer as fast as you can.

High access to technology has raised your clients’ expectations on how quickly your brand responds to customer service requests—more so if you are receiving a complaint.

Here are some numbers to help you determine what your customers expect from your service team: 

Responding within the recommended time frame will meet your clients’ expectations and make them feel that their concerns are important and valued. 

  • Address your client by name.

Using your customer’s name builds rapport and makes your service more human. You’re adding an identity to them, and it makes the exchange less transactional. Your interactions become more authentic and conversational as a result.

Addressing your client by name also signals to them that they are not just a number. It communicates that you care enough to address them as human beings behind the laptop or mobile device. 

  • Be honest.

Give careful thought to how you will respond to the review. Other than being quick to react and mindful of your customer’s needs, be honest. Transparency will go a long way. Your customers will respond better when you address their complaints in a fair and heartfelt manner.

Displaying honesty also conveys accountability and a willingness to continue keeping the business relationship.

  • Exercise empathy.

Your customer service team must be able to offer help the most productive and empathic way they can. Part of your customer service team’s responsibility is to address complaints with understanding and care. A frustrated customer needs someone who will listen, not be defensive, and take the necessary steps to rectify the situation.

As a business owner, find the delicate balance between allowing your customer to be heard and building your interaction with them into a positive and productive experience. 

  • Provide them with tangible solutions.

Your clients want to be heard and know that they had an impact on your business. You may have had reviews that offer constructive feedback. When it comes to negative reviews, look out for frequently mentioned observations, so that you have real ways to improve your product, service, and how you conduct business.

Always be quick to apologize to the customer and reassure them that you are taking steps to provide a resolution. Be specific and ensure that you will follow through. You wouldn’t want to aggravate an already frustrated customer.

When you reach out to the reviewer, you help in minimizing the negative impact of their review. 

  • Offer a gift. 

Take the step to show your customer that you aren’t just sorry. You’re showing your client that you want to make it right and earn their trust.

Whether you give them a discount, offer a free service, or send quality merchandise, you are helping your client gain a positive experience with your brand—all because you value their feedback. 

Make your brand experience count

All feedback is critical, especially if you receive constructive criticism. Consider your reviews as insight into whether your product or service effectively addresses customer pain points. Reviews give them a chance to share their experiences, good or bad. They can help you develop new solutions, build on what’s working, or improve on weaknesses.

If you find that your customer satisfaction levels are starting to dip, you may need to seek help outside your organization. Allow SuperStaff to help you address your customer service issues and deliver quality service for your business. 

Impeccable customer service solutions for your business

At SuperStaff, we care about the details.

Our highly-trained pool of customer service representatives is equipped to handle customers. We provide thorough training to ensure that each customer interaction is handled with the utmost efficiency and empathy.

SuperStaff has a decade of experience working with various industries, providing tailor-fit solutions for any business. We are adept at finding what your company needs and ensuring that we deliver over and above what is expected.
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