Does your business have hard-to-fill positions? Don’t worry; you’re not alone in dealing with this kind of challenge, which can be caused by different reasons.

For one, particular positions become hard to fill when the number of similar jobs available outnumbers the amount of people who are looking for that type of work. In the United States, low unemployment rates are causing some companies to take as many as 30.4 working days to close a position.

Another reason is that there are industries where hiring is more difficult because the nature of the work requires specialized skills. In this scenario, you may find that there are fewer qualified candidates. If they do have what it takes from a qualification standpoint, you will then need to think about how they fit into the overall culture of your organization.

As you face these types of hiring issues, one of the most effective solutions you can work out with your outsourcing recruitment partner is to find passive candidates. By sourcing passive candidates instead of just active ones, you can increase your chances of onboarding new employees to fill specialized roles within your company.

Who Are Passive Candidates?

Passive candidates refer to individuals who are currently in a different role in another company, so they may not be making conscious efforts to look for a new job, even more so if they’re quite satisfied with their current employment.

Ways to Attract and Win Passive Candidates

Although passive candidates are not actively submitting job applications, you should still include them in your target roster. Since passive candidates make up 70% of the global workforce, they automatically become your next option after active jobseekers. Moreover, the fact that they already have a job is a positive indication that they are desirable workers—something that you may need for highly specialized positions

  • Leverage Social Recruiting

One of the most useful functions of social media that you can take advantage of is connecting with potential candidates. If you have a small business, you can use this strategy to reach out to a lot more jobseekers.

Every day, hundreds of millions of social media users in any given location around the world are scrolling through their social feeds for news and information, including potential job opportunities. Even if passive candidates are not actively searching for job openings, they may still be able to see your business page, check out your job openings, and decide to apply.

Many social media users also form groups on whichever platform they’re using. You can join these groups to meet professionals in your industry, and over time, as you interact with them through conversations and discussions, you may tell them about your recruitment needs.

With the relationship you have built with them, they’ll be able to see your professionalism and expertise and factor those in as they consider your company as a future destination.

  • Use Videos to Boost Employer Brand

When sourcing passive candidates, you need to first get their attention. Remember, they’re not heading to job sites or career fairs looking for a job. And one of the most effective ways to go about this critical step is to produce videos that allow your brand to stand out.

Video is a powerful tool, especially in this day and age, when everyone is trying to compete through engagement. Through videos, you can demonstrate the authentic and relatable side of your brand in a way that no other medium can.

Have video clips showing the interiors of your office, your training initiatives, your employees and managers in action can go a long way in boosting your online image. You can also create videos with testimonials of people who know what it is like to work with your company, such as your customers or people from the community that you serve.

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  • Invest in Personalized Candidate Experience

Going after passive candidates require a lot more than generic emails, which they are also probably getting from several other recruiters. With personalized messages, you’re conveying to your candidate that you’re genuinely interested in establishing professional ties, which can influence a positive response.

Since it’s common for small businesses to implement employee referral programs, you’ll have more opportunities to personalize the hiring process for your candidates. For example, you can make it a practice to include the name of your employee on the subject line of your email to get the potential candidate to open it and engage with you.

At the end of the day, attracting passive candidates requires that you focus your resources on personalizing the experience for potential candidates instead of just targeting candidate volume. You want the interaction during the hiring process to leave a good impression on the person so that recruitment can proceed to the next stage.

  • Advertise the Job Perks

It’s a fact of life that prospective employees are interested in the perks a job offers. For employees, it’s a nice way for the company to reward them for the hard work that they’re doing.

Don’t hesitate to discuss early on with candidates what’s in it for them, monetarily or otherwise. This type of open dialogue will encourage them to advance to the next stage of recruitment. You may also focus on areas where the candidate’s current job fails and how your company can fill in those gaps, without badmouthing their current employer, of course.

Working with Passive Candidates

Sourcing passive candidates for specialized positions require advanced strategies from establishing networks to using online channels and investing in recruitment videos. These tasks can be challenging at first, so you may also need to work with a recruitment process outsourcing service provider.
SuperStaff can help you fill positions with the best talent by practicing field-tested and time-proven approaches in attracting and engaging passive candidates. 

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