The State of 3D Technology 

From 3D printing to 3D modeling, the success of 3D technology is undeniable, especially with so many industries having adopted and integrated it into their businesses.

3D services were once limited to being described as a visual concept that only applied to graphics and animation. However, it has transcended beyond that as it branched out to other industries. Currently, it has become an essential aspect of the al representation of products or services of countless industries.

Why Is 3D Technology So Appealing? 

Various industries that are implementing 3D Technology into their processes are growing. From an aesthetic standpoint, it adds depth and realism. Additionally, the practical benefits of saving time and materials make 3D a logical step before manufacturing a product en masse.

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Industries That Use 3D Technology And Services

The fact of the matter is this; Every industry has somehow made use of a 3D service to improve its process. So, for the sake of keeping it short, we’ve made a list of industries that can improve 3D services by leveraging offshore outsourcing.

  • Advertising & Marketing

3D modeling artists can help advertisers and marketers depict their products in the ideal state. Also, it makes tweaking and updating designs easier through existing files stored in their computers. At the same time, products proven to work through 3D Technology are easier and cheaper to market to investors compared to repeatedly manufacturing different prototypes.

  • Architecture

This industry heavily relies on drafts for plans and blueprints before building the final structure. Therefore, having a 3D specialist working on initial drafts lets clients’ see what the final product would look like from all angles.

  • Engineering

The Engineering industry has made great strides in adopting 3D Technology. Through 3D based simulation, addressing theories and other concerns have become easier to do before applying it to a product in real-time. Thus, adding to the cost-efficiency value of manufacturing a product. 

  • Entertainment (Film and Gaming)

One, if not the first, to successfully use the potential of 3D Technology, is the entertainment industry. From animation to gaming, 3D continues to wow audiences with the innovation it brings to both the silver screen and the living room. 

  • Healthcare

The evolution of prosthetics or Additive manufacturing continues to offer patients who have lost a body part the option of substitutes that function like the real thing. This innovation would have been hard to achieve if not for 3D Technology, which in part, involves 3D scanning and printing.

Aside from those included in this list, nearly all industries have been using varied forms of 3D Technology.  This allows them to optimize cost-efficient planning, presentation and manufacturing.

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Keeping Up with The Trend in 3D

So, do you see your business’ industry included on the list? Have you already adapted your operations to accommodate 3D Technology?

If you’ve taken an interest in jumping to 3D Technology to improve your business operations, but are unsure of how to begin, we recommend you invest in partnering with an experienced 3rd party specialist that can decrease the operational costs related to adopting these technologies.

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