The e-Learning industry is becoming prominent. Every day, more companies recognize the benefits of using digital platforms. Some have already established the advantages of e-Learning outsourcing. In our highly-connected environment, organizations need to ensure that their staff is learning new skill sets and competencies to keep up with current market trends and remain competitive in their field.

A New Trend in Learning and Development

In setting up business training and providing educational programs to participants, online learning can be a perfect option for saving time, resources, and effort. However, many enterprises are skeptical about developing a modern learning environment. These numbers can help a business venture realize how leveraging e-Learning can boost corporate processes.

  • By 2026, the global value of the business e-Learning industry will be worth $50 billion.
  • Ninety-four percent of employees claim that they will be more likely to work at companies that promote and invest in their career growth.
  • e-Learning requires 40 to 60 percent less time for workers than traditional training.
  • Ninety percent of companies now use e-Learning.
  • After implementing e-Learning, 42 percent of firms saw increased revenue.

In a report by Forbes Magazine, over 72 percent of American organizations claim that e-Learning gives them a competitive advantage. The aforementioned numbers are proof that e-Learning is becoming a new trend in learning and development.

Leveraging E-learning Outsourcing

Tell-Tale Signs to Consider

Deciding to manage the content development phase of e-Learning can be a struggle for both start-up companies or conglomerates. At times, corporate learners can be hesitant or suspicious of the concept of online training. There are instances where workers are happy and able to take the corporate e-Learning on the road.

Virtual training has several benefits. Employees get the chance to expand their skill sets, learn complex tasks, and maximize their performance. This is why a rising number of corporate learners can pursue their training online. But how do you know that it is time to put your existing programs behind and outsource e-Learning?

Thankfully, a few indicators might give you the answer.

  • Employees request for training.

Online training allows the employees to access the material anytime so that it is convenient for them. They can also choose their preferred study areas, which ensures that they are less likely to be disturbed during a session. Therefore, if staff seek accessible training, it is fair to assume that the best option is a virtual approach. It also tends to be one of the most cost-effective and reliable alternatives for skill enhancement.

  • The team members want a good dose of interactivity.

With a printed job manual, there is only so much that you can do. Employees do not get the chance to interact with it. On the other hand, courses made available on digital platforms enhance the learning experience through insightful video sessions and animated visuals. They can watch an online slideshow or utilize an immersive guide, whether they are learning new skills or are going through refresher courses.

When the written educational manuals are dropping short, and team members are looking for a more exciting and tactile experience, outsourcing e-Learning comes to play. It brings the online training curriculum to a whole new dynamic where the team can immerse themselves in the online training process.

  • The team member seeks a program that meets their learning needs.

Employees are searching for educational training that helps them achieve their career goals. Online training can be completely personalized based on the individual needs and interests of your organizational learners. Many choose to take a more visual approach and watch or engage in a scenario with an e-Learning video. Team members who prefer reading can use text-based modules to add to their knowledge.

Regardless of the employees’ skill level or context, online preparation can be tailor-fit for each individual since outsourced e-Learning is scalable, versatile, and customizable.

Managers and business owners should watch out for any of these signs from their employees. Outsourcing an e-Learning program for your company will benefit both the staff and the business.

Outsourcing e-Learning Adds Value to Businesses

In a competitive market, organizations need to maintain upskilling among their employees. Businesses must keep in mind that the employees’ competencies must be up-to-date with the current market demands to remain relevant and value-adding. An organization can use web-based platforms to encourage learning. They may also use a more convenient cross-platform tool that employees can access anywhere, regardless of the devices they use. This will ensure that they can take the courses at their own pace without sacrificing business efficiency. With this, it also helps them be productive to meet their job goals.

A company can offer digital learning materials to their employees to help them achieve the objectives of the company. They can build a curriculum with courses related to the employees current job activities on how to perform tasks more effectively. The business may usually opt to either make content in-house or outsource content to e-Learning vendors to do this.

These are why companies must consider outsourcing e-Learning and avoid the hassle of developing materials and implementing the learning process from scratch:

  • Get specialized experts on board

Even though companies have an in-house staff tasked with content creation skills, some abilities are far too specialized. Developing an e-learning platform requires not only a team for content creation but also other different teams for design, development, and maintenance of the platform.

When the development of e-Learning is outsourced to a provider, businesses gain access to trained and knowledgeable people in successful online learning development.

To hold e-Learning up to world-class standards, these professionals must use the most updated technology and implement innovative approaches to create a good user experience such as modern blended learning design. Whether the organization needs to incorporate a mobile learning system or needs monitoring of learners, the way to go is to recruit e-Learning experts for the job.

  • Faster turnaround times and high-quality content

e-Learning practitioners must be knowledgeable about the learning process and possess the necessary skills to get the job done. Being equipped with these skills enables them to develop high-quality materials at a faster pace. e-Learning vendors are typically more equipped than the in-house team in upscaling the production. These providers specialize in using fast authoring software such as Edmodo and Projeqt to deliver high-quality modules at a rapid pace, while keeping the content interactive and practical.

  • Lower training development costs

Partnering with an e-Learning provider helps companies reduce the expenses substantially. Organizations invest their resources when it is necessary to content development. The opportunity to either speed up programs or slow down outsourcing efforts makes it easier to lower production costs.

Organizations often do not have to think about purchasing or updating equipment, since the e-Learning vendor has the infrastructure and set-up they need to expedite the sessions.

  • Quickly scale up or down as needed

With in-house production, the main challenge is that companies will not scale e-Learning at will. On the other hand, outsourcing will help companies build agile solutions. Companies can set the pacing of their chosen program to outsource and submit it with the vendor. The resources employed by the e-Learning providers come with built-in models and component libraries that make scalability easily achievable.

Third-party providers use tools that come with built-in templates and asset libraries. This makes it easy for them to cater digital learning courses to big companies, even at a fast pace. Though it is possible to hire an in-house team to produce these e-Learning materials, the team may lack the years of industry-specific knowledge and experience to efficiently carry out the job.

  • Achieve high learner engagement and productivity

Modern learners prefer and are inspired by a strong dose of multimedia and interactivity in online learning courses. The outsourcing of the production of e-Learning to a skilled third-party provider multiplies the likeliness of achieving the goal. They are prepared with the necessary skills for their job roles when trained with high-quality, substantive content. In addition, employees will be more engaged in the tasks assigned to them, which improves their productivity.

Outsourcing for companies with diverse operations is crucial to deliver better content for their learners. In reality, companies are aware of the advantages of outsourcing e-Learning, such as higher completion rates, greater retention of trainees, increased efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Thus, it makes sense that many companies have begun recruiting e-Learning specialist vendors to meet their training targets and decrease production costs and maximize efficiency.

It’s Time to Hire an e-Learning Expert

Finding the right e-Learning expert can be challenging. It would be best if you had someone who can openly communicate with your company and keep contact channels open.

SuperStaff is an efficient e-Learning partner. For over a decade, we have been offering outsourcing support for a range of industries. We also provide a comprehensive and cost-effective selection of solutions. Our e-Learning service, which is tailored for educational institutions, includes:

  • Business, Accounting, and Marketing Teachers and Tutors
  • Virtual Teaching Assistants for course material creation and grading

SuperStaff knows that it’s not only about what you’re learning, but how you’re learning it. We also include customized programs, equipment, and most critically, trained practitioners that are precisely suited to your educational objectives.

e-Learning Outsourcing

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