On its way toward destroying entire industries over the course of the last 90 days, COVID-19 has also highlighted the vulnerability of America’s small businesses as it relates to supply chain management.  And it’s not just the little guys, even companies that specialize in logistics and transportation have been cut off from their workforces, partners, and clients.  With that said, that have been some industry players who have spent the last several years preparing for a scenario like this, reinforcing their logistical network, and now is their time to shine.

3 Effective Cost Savers in Logistics

So, how has Target, and companies like it, increased their supply chain capabilities so effectively? Well, they outsourced.  In order to get to the meat of that answer, we have to observe the main points that they utilized in their outsourcing practices.

  • Technology especially in the area of mobile and online sales channels
  • User-centric capabilities that include the localization of product lines based on demographics, location, and climate
  • Focus on the four most prominent categories—wellness, kids, baby, and style—to take advantage of the areas that attract the most purchase potential based on shoppers’ demands

By implementing outsourced logistics and transportation specifically as they needed it, they were able to completely turn their company around. So, let’s delve deeper into 4 core benefits of outsourcing logistics and transportation.

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4 Core Benefits of Outsourcing Logistics and Transportation

Better Productivity – When dealing with an in-house transportation model, you have to deal with many, perhaps hundreds, of different vendors that you will need to maintain relationships with. On top of this, coordinating with suppliers, customers, other admin, and shippers can become cumbersome. Outsourcing all of this frees up valuable resources and manpower to focus on the essential aspects of your business, such as better procurement and allowing for more strategic collaborative relationships with suppliers. This means shippers will complete more work, generating more revenue for your company.

Better Results – When you utilize the best in the business, you get the best results for your business. SuperStaff, a US & Philippine-based outsourcing firm, has known this fact since it’s conception. This is why SuperStaff offers the most experienced and well-trained specialists to identify logistical issues that businesses face and mitigating those problems in transportation, accounting, claims, and more.

Report Analysis and Business Intelligence for Continual ImprovementWhat is active transport? What is passive transport? Which is best to use for your particular business? These are the questions that outsourcing expert SuperStaff can answer for you. Having reliable and consistent data that can be analyzed for business intelligence is what drives continual improvement. 

Simplifying the process with Technology – Thanks to technology, many of life’s complications have been made drastically easier for us human beings. From hailing a cab to finding a date, to getting a mortgage, or booking a flight, technology continues to bring down the walls of complexity to offer a seamless and everly-connected experience in life and business. This is true with logistics and transportation technology as well. The driving force of simplification in technology is a prime system utilized by the veteran outsourcing expert.

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Leverage Outsourcing To Optimize Your Logistics and Transportation

Like Target, and other winners emerging from this crisis, reducing costs, increasing productivity and revenue for your business, outsourcing might be the path to success for your business. With over a decade of experience, SuperStaff has propelled businesses all over the United States towards a more sustainable business model.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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