As businesses shift to operating remotely, there is a struggle to find the necessary technology and strategy to keep operations up and running. This week’s round-up will tell you more about how outsourcing your front and back office serves as a solution to your problems.

Ten blog posts to help you boost your business efficiency

We collated ten up-to-date blog posts in the outsourcing industry to help your business grow and offer the most innovative solutions to your clients. Learn how to add value to your company and come up with the right decisions through this comprehensive guide.

SuperStaff Outsourcing Roundup

Top Dominating Business Process Outsourcing Trends in 2020  — Techiexpert

2020 has been a rollercoaster ride to almost all sectors. However, the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry remains strong. The latest tech coverage provider discussed the BPO industry trends for 2020, which can add value to your business, helping them achieve growth.

Refund: Five Phrases Customers Want to Hear  — TechDee

There are different reasons why customers ask for service support. When it comes to billing, refunding is one of them. Empathizing with your clients can improve brand reputation and metrics. Additionally, it preserves your mental health while dealing with such scenarios. Techdee, a business and technology blog, listed the top 5 phrases that can help businesses handle refund requests.

How Efficient Is Your Accounts Payable Process? [Quiz]  — Digiscribe

Accounts payable process is one of the complicated and important functions that can be outsourced through legal services outsourcing. Digiscribe, a document management service provider, created an efficiency questionnaire to help businesses assess their capabilities. Additionally, this serves as a guide for them to decide if they need to outsource specific functions.

How to optimize customer service costs with visual assistance  — TechSee

TechSee, a technical support company, introduces different ways visual assistance can help optimize operational costs in customer service. Using the latest technology in visual technology and augmented reality, visual assistance can save time and money for both the customer and the business.

How moving your contact center to the cloud can help reduce costs  — Talkdesk

In the past decades, contact centers have always been built with thousands of computers and a big data center. Purchasing and maintaining this equipment is not only difficult but costly. Talkdesk, a cloud-based contact center company, discussed the fiscal benefit of migrating on-premise centers to the cloud.


Virtual assistants are professionals that have a wide range of skills to offer.

A virtual assistant herself wrote this piece, where she highlighted the benefits of hiring a VA. VAs are huge assets on your team because of their wide range of skills and capabilities. Their capacity to multitask will help your business achieve its goals and succeed.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Scale Your Business  — Business Partner Magazine

Business Partner Magazine is a bi-monthly publication by several business owners. In this article, they discussed how VAs contribute to business scalability through administrative tasks. This gives you more time to focus on more essential functions.

Emptying Your Business Correctly with 3 Areas to Outsource  — Inspire to Thrive

No matter how big or small your business, outsourcing can help you thrive in the competitive marketplace. When talking about outsourcing, there are many types to consider. Inspire to Thrive author, Lisa Sicard, managed to segment these types into three areas to help business owners decide which business functions they would need to outsource.

7 Common Situations When To Use A Freelance Copywriter  — Melotti Media

Anyone can put a caption on social media, and add words to a flyer. However, there comes a time when doing this is not enough.

Copywriting and message marketers, Melotti Media, listed some indicators to help you determine whether your company needs to outsource copywriting to freelance agents.

How to Outsource eCommerce Operations in 2020  — Turnkey Product Management

It’s easy to put up something for sale online. However, it is hard to maintain or to get a high sales demand without proper execution. Turnkey Product Management, a company that offers e-Commerce outsourcing solutions, discusses a step-by-step guide to achieve successful e-Commerce operations by following different trends in the market.

The article highlighted several steps to a booming online marketplace business, from putting products online, marketing them, and fulfilling the orders while keeping up with the demand.

The SuperStaff Method

Our weekly round-ups ten blog posts published by companies in the outsourcing industry. This week’s selection provides insight about new developments and strategies for an optimized, in-trend, and cost-effective front and back operations.

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