What is the mass media’s role in a successful company?

Over the past 5 years, public relations agencies have accomplished an astounding growth of nearly 30% year over year. And influence marketing may be one of the major drivers behind this growth, so it’s no wonder that 60% of PR persons believe this type of marketing to be increasingly important. That is why, if you want your company to have the strongest chance of outshining your contemporaries, emphasis should be put on your PR and media dissemination efforts.

Should your PR be in-house or through an Agency? Well, the answer is neither. 

So, while there is an assortment of pros and cons for using an agency versus building an internal department, the crux of the argument is do you prefer to control or specialization?  Building your own PR department grants your business total creative controls. However, relying on a tenured agency can grant experience, specialization, and talent that you may not likely have access to otherwise.

This is precisely why outsourcing has exploded the past several years in regard to public relations and marketing.   By building an offshore team of specialists that report directly to a single in-house head, you not only gain control and specialization, but you get them at a third of the cost of the other models.

Here is a quick rundown of the PR & Media assets being leveraged offshore:

  • Advertorials

Although there are many media options for advertorials, Facebook ads manager and google ads are two of the best platforms for you to advertise your services. In a nutshell, advertorials help you link your advertising with a particular platform’ or newspaper’s credibility. Offshore writers and web designers can create good material for a serious and informative article. 

  • Social media

Why is social media good? It is an effective way to go straight to your customers. Utilizing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more allows you to increase exposure for your brand. Outsourcing the creation of engaging content can maximize the number of people who comment on your page, follow your activities, and buy whatever you are selling.

Some of the positions commonly outsourced in this endeavor include social media specialists, video editors, and content writers.

  • Brochures and catalogs

These materials aid in keeping clients thinking about your business’ services and products. Well-designed catalogs and brochures will not only provide information but also promote brand recall, which is what print media’s main objective should be. In line with this, graphic designer outsourcing is growing in demand year over year.

  • Newsletters

Newsletters help keep the market apprised of your business. When you create regular newsletters, you are able to create connections with customers that show your business’ brand and image. These can be done in-house, but you can also offshore their production to remote publishers for a fraction of the cost.

  • Sponsorships/ partnerships

Validation by association.  By sponsoring or otherwise partnering with other brands and causes, you not only reach a broader audience, but you borrow the credibility of the event.  To this end, lots of companies have been relying on outsourced virtual assistants to constantly research and connect their companies to relevant brand-building opportunities.

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Produce Your PR and Media Materials with an Outsourced Staff

To ensure your business’ lasting success, PR and media efforts should play a central role in your marketing in the years to come. If you do intend on partnering with an outsourcing firm, make sure the agency you hire has the following characteristics:

  • Carefully vetted personnel
  • Complete functions and roles
  • Have a record of producing quality output
  • Ready to work with you at your desired time

While planning a PR campaign can be hard work, SuperStaff can help.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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