How Virtual Assistants can Help You in Your FBA Business

COVID-19 has been a tremendous source of anxiety for business owners all over the world and across industries. And although digitally based businesses have fared better than their brick and mortar counterparts, Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) sellers are certainly not exempt from the uncertainty that this pandemic has caused. 

Effect of the Outbreak on FBA

The main observation of the past several months is that while impulse purchasing is still an important driver for digital sellers, demand for essential items for protection against COVID-19 reign supreme. Here are just some of the statistics that reflect the state of Amazon FBA:

  • Amazon searches for medical masks and respirators have increased by 17,000%.
  • Food and home care product sales increased by 47%.
  • Health and safety products increased in demand by 98%.
  • Indoor sports and fitness products went up in demand by 86%-160%.

Source: Reprice Express

More recently, however, certain states have started to ease lockdown restrictions in order to open up the economy. This could indicate restoration of activity on FBA to its pre-COVID-19 state, which means that normal levels of shopping for regular/non-essential items may soon resume.

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Why FBA Is Still Going Strong

The continual growth of Amazon and the FBA feature prior to the pandemic has led sellers to rely on the consistency of the platform even more so during the pandemic. As a result, the market has become saturated. 

Despite the assortment of fees and overall market saturation, FBA is still the best place to do eCommerce. Here is why:

  • Amazon has 33 million customers all over the world
  • Amazon has gained 1,029,528 new sellers this year
  • Over 50% of eCommerce sales happen on Amazon
  • Fifty percent of merchants are third party sellers.
  • The danger of COVID-19 exposure is encouraging more people to complete purchases online.
  • Home shopping is expected to continue beyond the pandemic because of the convenience it offers.

Advantages of Having an FBA Virtual Assistant

With FBA being still a reliable eCommerce tool, potential sellers on the platform should step up their game and distinguish themselves from the competition in order to thrive. However, the amount of busywork involved in getting into eCommerce can take away the time that a seller needs to grow their business.  

If one wants to create a sustainable and scalable business and rise above their eCommerce competition in 2020 and beyond, one must delegate key activities to highly-skilled and qualified individuals. But how do you do that without breaking the bank with labor and overhead costs? This is where virtual assistants (VAs) come in.

Here are the benefits of having VAs for your FBA business:

  • Keep your operational costs low

In a traditional office setup, one has to pay for the office, equipment, utilities, et cetera. With virtual workers, you no longer have to shell out money for a working space, and they already have the available computers, scanners and printers to help them perform their tasks.

  • Access to a broad range of skills

Many VAs are armed with formal training in specialized skills that can help your business. Whether it is knowledge of more than one language, proficiency in graphic design, etc., exceptionally skilled VAs from another part of the world gives the seller the edge they need in their FBA operations.

  • Focus on core needs

Small tasks that have to be done, but aren’t adding much to the top line can be done by the VA. Doing so frees the seller and enables them to concentrate on core activities that help in building the business.

  • Less focus on schedules

One can assign the VA to take care of the client’s schedule or fulfill tasks for them on a certain due date.

Virtual Assistance

Duties of the FBA Virtual Assistant

  • Inventory Management

The FBA virtual assistant coordinates the movement of goods from the seller’s warehouse to Amazon’s Fulfillment warehouse facilities.

  • Customer Service

The assistant answers the queries of buyers regarding products on behalf of the seller.

  • Graphic Design 

FBA Assistants who have graphic design skills are a bonus since they can improve on the appearance of the products.

  • Product Research

The assistant helps find products that the client can sell, or can use in the development of their product. The FBA assistant can constantly research and compare different products on behalf of the sellers, based on the criteria their client has given them.

  • Social Media Moderator

The assistant oversees all social media activities pertaining to any particular item. They curate social pages/profiles that the product can be promoted on. They can look for influencers, make contact with them, send sample products to them, and follow up with them.

Key Skills of a Virtual Assistant

If you are interested in acquiring a Virtual Assistant for your FBA business, make sure they have the following qualities: 

  1. Resourcefulness (utilizes Google and other web resources)
  2. Excellent communicators, especially with manufacturers and social influencers.
  3. Knowledgeable in various programs such as MS Word or Google Docs, and Photoshop
  4. Knowledgeable in Amazon and eCommerce terminologies 
  5. Very quick in learning and picking up instructions.

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Why the Philippines is the Best Source for Virtual Assistants

While many countries have their skilled pool of virtual workers, the Philippines stands out the most. Filipinos are frequently the choice of sellers for virtual solutions because of these attributes:

  1. Fluent in English
  2. Courteous and respectful
  3. Hardworking and dedicated
  4. Mostly college-educated
  5. Can work for affordable rates

The SuperStaff Difference

There are literally countless individuals offering services through freelance marketplaces. However, picking one from the first platform you stumble upon won’t guarantee that you will work as a cohesive unit. But if you partner with a proven and established service provider, you will be able to make sure they have the technology, management, support teams, and track record that you need to build a foundation for your business.

SuperStaff goes the extra mile by training its virtual assistants for Amazon-specific tasks, and then fortifying them with industry-leading tools, equipment, and management support.  All employees of SuperStaff have been carefully vetted to provide you with quality services that will ensure you profit at the highest level. 

Never settle for less if you want your FBA business to succeed. Consult with SuperStaff and schedule a free FBA consultation today.

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