These days, the quality of products and services just aren’t enough anymore. Customer service has become an essential factor for market success. Going above and beyond with your support can pay off greatly, as data shows that 77% of customers will recommend a brand to their peers after a single positive experience, with 73% remaining loyal to a brand due to friendly customer service representatives.

In this digital age, excellent customer support is about addressing the people’s needs and problems through accessible channels as quickly and efficiently as possible. Investing in software and other customer support tools can be advantageous for you, regardless of your company’s size. 

By utilizing various technology, your business can nurture relationships with your clients, making them more likely to advocate for your brand. Here are six customer support tools that can help you deliver better, holistic service to your customer base.

An email has become a popular channel for customer support, with 54% having used it in the last year. Going through a slew of emails in your business’ inbox can become overwhelming, even with access to customer support outsourcing.

However, new and innovative Helpdesk software offers features that make handling queries more efficient, such as ordering, labeling, routing, and even team collaboration. Hubspot’s Service Hub provides a shared inbox with routing automation and even bot service to offer immediate responses to your FAQs. 

It also features reporting tools that you can give to your team to learn from its current practices and analyze possible customer trends. While this product was initially designed for small-to-medium-scale businesses, plans for larger operations are also available.

One way to help your customers is to give them self-help tools to address their pain points, even before your representatives reach out to them. Creating a knowledge base, also known as an FAQ section, is a solution that empowers your clients by providing well-organized and detailed guides they can reference for making decisions or troubleshooting issues.

FreshDesk (which comes bundled with their own cloud-based helpdesk software) provides knowledge base solutions that are compatible across devices for ease of use, together with a language translation manager and highly customizable page layouts. This service also comes with trainable bots that enhance support by helping customers get the best answers from your FAQ content.

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  • Live Chat Software: Olark

What makes live chat a highly satisfactory customer service channel—73% satisfaction over email and phone—is the ability to get instant answers without exiting the webpage. This function benefits both sales and customer service by allowing your team to help your customers during the purchasing stage.

Olark is the ideal standalone live chat software through its sheer customizability: brand-aligned chat boxes, tailored and pre-defined workflows, language localization, and unique chat avatars. Other key functionalities include chat automation, per agent pricing, real-time metrics, and full access to chat transcripts. This software is compatible for integration with a host of other customer support tools.

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To keep up with the competition, your business should be maximizing its social media presence. Your brand should be engaging its customer base by starting conversations and responding to issues promptly on social media platforms. 

While some helpdesk software can monitor social channels, they can be limited to specific platforms or messaging formats. Choosing an independent platform for social listening, monitoring, and responding will yield better results.

With HootSuite, your business can tailor-fit its dashboard, enabling you to engage across all platforms. It also boasts of a robust filtering system that tracks different keywords, hashtags, and locations related to your brand, as well as fuss-free content curation and scheduling functions that ensure timely and brand-aligned activity on your pages. 

A huge part of timely customer support is seeking feedback from your customers. Through methods like customer satisfaction surveys, your brand can gain valuable insights to address your market’s wants and needs better. It’s also a good benchmark for strategies that are working and ones that need to be modified or changed altogether. 

Through Nicereply, you can send branded surveys with custom-fit questions that cater to your specific needs. After receiving responses, the software offers detailed analytics to augment the feedback your clients provide.

 The distribution of these surveys can be automated to reach your customers at the right moment. Finally, this software integrates well with other customer service tools, making it a seamless addition to your existing systems.

More than Just Tools

Having top-of-the-line customer support tools can only be as effective as the team that works with them. Providing training and learning sessions for your team to get the most out of these tools is just as important as utilizing innovative technologies when it comes to taking your customer service to the next level. 

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