With the new normal, more companies are forced to innovate to stay afloat. Knowing the most innovative approaches help you stay on the cutting edge and ensure exponential growth for you and your company.

Ten blog posts to help you and your team

Here are ten articles focusing on outsourcing, customer service, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), and software development. Learn how you can level up your operations with the latest technology and business strategies.

SuperStaff Outsourcing Roundup

Why Positive Customer Experience Is a Necessity for Business Success – BairesDev

Nowadays, customers are not just after the prices and products. A positive customer experience (CX) spells the difference between a good business versus a mediocre one. BairesDev, a leading Nearshore Outsourcing Software Development company, guides you on why and how CX brings your business success, particularly in sales and marketing.

Customer service efficiency: AI chatbots, knowledge management, and more! Knowmax

Technology cannot replace humans.

This is the main insight in this article by Knowmax, an enterprise-grade knowledge management program developed by Kochartech. However, chatbots can stir better opportunities to improve customer service, especially in eCommerce, healthcare, and telecommunications.

Learn how chatbots function and benefits and how knowledge management comes into play.

Planning for Call Center Outsourcing? Choose Call Center Best for Your Business Type – MindStick Software Pvt. Ltd.

Outsourcing call center services has been one of the sought-after business strategies of any industry to dominate the competition. However, the type of call center to outsource depends on their demands and target customers.

MindStick Software Pvt. Ltd., a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in software application development, identifies the three types of call centers and their functions.

3 unique methods to analyze your customer feedback today – CustomerThink

CustomerThink, the world’s largest online community on customer-centric business strategy, shares the importance of analyzing customer feedback. It is a crucial yet intricate task, due to language complexity and the quality of the customers’ input.

Read this article to know how to make an actionable and reliable customer feedback analysis through a variety of ways.

Top 5 Locations for Offshore Outsourcing Software Development – Latest Hacking News

Latest Hacking News is a website that collaborates with experts in networking, forensics, programming, and ethical hacking.

Offshore outsourcing software development is a current trend in the business world for providing convenience and high-quality output. As this strategy advances, various countries are notable for delivering the best software outsourcing services among the rest.

Secure Data Externally: Backup Outsourcing – Business 2 Community

In any business, having a backup for internal company information is necessary.

This article from Business 2 Community (B2C), a website for social media and marketing, introduced backup outsourcing: an IT service conducted by a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that performs not just conventional data backup and cyber-protection. Learn how backup outsourcing works, why you need it, and what you should consider before using this must-have service

The Ups and Downs of Virtual Recruiting in Creating a Positive Candidate Experience – Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA)

The restrictions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic have stirred the recruitment process of companies to go virtual.

In this article, the RPOA, a global community of leaders educated in recruitment process outsourcing, interviewed two industry leaders to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of virtual recruitment. They also shared how RPO can improve employers’ and candidates’ experience through five strategies.

The Advantages of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) – Contemporaries, Inc.

What good is it for a company to switch to RPO when they can do traditional recruitment?

Contemporaries, Inc. is a staffing firm partner to the federal government and a number of private companies. In this piece, they discuss the satisfaction of turning to RPO, especially in streamlining and simplifying the hiring process.

Should I Outsource My Business Back-Office? – BusinessArticles

Outsourcing is not only for larger firms but for small businesses, too. There are several benefits that outsourcing could offer applying even for back-office functions.

This blog from BusinessArticle Hub reveals why small business owners should invest in outsourcing to improve the efficiency and quality of their operations.

The Challenges of Digital Transformation (Outsourcing Can Help!) – Auxis

Several organizations are eyeing success in Digital Transformation (DT) solutions to thrive in the new normal. However, the path is not easy, and the success rate is undeniably low.

Auxis, a consulting and outsourcing company, gathered some facts and figures and discussed how outsourcing could successfully help your business shift to DT.

The SuperStaff solution

While SuperStaff has provided enterprise level outsourcing solutions for more than a decade, we are also keenly aware of other outsourcing firms who work just as hard at their own specialty. Through this week’s roundup, we’ve aimed to bring you the best and brightest that offshoring has to offer.

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