What is the Implication of COVID-19 on the eCommerce Industry?

COVID-19 has thrown the world into a spiral and has had a devastating impact on the global economy as countries on every continent are forced into lockdowns. With that said, there are two industries, namely healthcare and eCommerce, which have actually seen the opposite result.  While your eCommerce website itself may not have been completely spared from this pandemic, there are still ways to cope, fortify, and even thrive in the COVID-19 era. Here are some things to watch out for, as well as tips on how you can mitigate the blow to your brand in these times of uncertainty.

Things That Could Happen During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Just like in any state of calamity, you have to prepare for the worst.

    • Mostly negative projections for the year

Retailers and eCommerce services are headed for a confusing year. Since people will be staying at home, it is expected that they will be buying more online. However, a sizable majority of companies expect their eCommerce sales to decline.

  • Delivery may take longer than expected

Lockdowns declared by governments all over the world will have an effect on the delivery of products. The closure of factories and travel bans affect eCommerce operations’ delivery cycle. Furthermore, the availability of manpower and the shortage of items can hamper a company’s commitment to their timetable.

  • Health products will be in demand

Shortages in brick and mortar shops, as well as the convenience of staying at home, have driven the public to go to e-Business sites for health products. Moreover, these increases have been recorded to be above 100%. Items include masks (590%), disinfectant sales (178%) hand sanitizers (420%), hand soaps (33%), toilet paper (26%), and vitamins (78%).

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Ways Your eCommerce Site Can Adapt

There are ways to get sustainable traffic to your website even during low times. Here are tips to handle inactivity on your eCommerce platform during the coronavirus period:

  • Update business hours on the website 
  • Update your product offering to reflect supply and demand
  • Share if you are offering new or extra services to the community
  • Show transparency so that you can set the expectations of your clients
  • Check what other precautions your business will deploy so that your employees and community stay healthy
  • Allow your employees, specifically customer support, to work from home if possible
  • Work with an outsourcing provider for quick scale if you are having problems staffing locally
  • Allow for reservations and backorders in case your inventory runs out for high demand items

The truth is, COVID-19 hasn’t only changed the game, but it has dramatically sped up the curve for many changes that were coming to eCommerce eventually anyways.


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As an outsourcing solutions firm with a decade of offshore and onshore experience, we have guided our clients through a number of international crisis.  And the one thing that always rings true is that an emergency is simply an opportunity to adapt.  From flexible working arrangements to strategic leveraging of offshore economics, those who can angle themselves into position will emerge from this stronger than ever.

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