With the global pandemic still unresolved, physicians will be needing all the help they can get. And in a time where each day brings more uncertainty, the pressures inside and outside the office can often complicate a profession that requires a high level of focus. Thus, to provide the opportunity for medical professionals to focus on what really matters, SuperStaff has designed an outsourcing solution that is ten years in the making, Virtual Medical Assistants (VMAs). Because the fact is that having well trained auxiliary support will not only free a physician’s time to focus on the most important aspects of their profession, it also increases the quality of care a patient will be receiving.

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What Tasks can be Delegated to VMAs

A virtual medical assistant’s work is remote by nature. This means that they accomplish their duties away from the physician’s clinic. With that said, what can be delegated to a VMA? Below are non-clinical tasks often done by VMAs.

  • Taking phone calls
  • Inbox management
  • Managing appointments
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Maintaining patient database
  • Social media management
  • Back office support
  • Insurance verification and pre-certification

Of course, the tasks mentioned above are basic in nature, but time-consuming nonetheless. If there is an aspect in healthcare where they truly shine, it is in their proficiency in telemedicine. This is where VMAs provide doctors and patients essential support in resolving the logistical and technical difficulties that have often plagued telemedicine.

Four support roles VMAs provide in telemedicine sessions

  • Device Support

Telemedicine requires a hardware check every now and then. Most practitioners prefer to use devices they are already familiar with. However, technology is a fast-paced entity, and many of these devices are often updated or completely outdated by superior versions. VMAs learn and identify device updates and features of healthcare-related platforms to optimize telemedicine sessions.

  • Portal Support

Tech-savvy assistants can use applications capable of telemedicine performance and security. This saves a physician’s time when choosing the right app. For VMAs, it is advisable to remember that apps that support and feature HIPAA and integrating EMRs/EHRs into one interface are what doctors prefer.

  • IT Support

VMAs are expected to have a substantial background in the field of medicine. However, it would be an added plus if they are well-versed in IT support as well. Having the capability to troubleshoot backend problems like internet connectivity or hardware malfunctions can definitely lessen a doctor’s to-worry list.

  • User Support 

Virtual medical assistants should be able to provide user support training and simulation for healthcare professionals and patients alike. This support upskills concerned parties with a workable understanding of the hardware and software required in telemedicine.

As mentioned above, technical and security issues can be a frequent concern in telemedicine. Consequently, doctors and patients have to find solutions to work around these problems for successful virtual sessions. Thus, having a virtual medical assistant a call away can make a significant difference during these virtual visits. 

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Virtual Medical Assistants allow doctors to do away with the ancillary busy work that often prevents them from focusing on their practice adequately. Apart from that fact, VMAs allow doctors room to breathe in a pressure-filled profession so that they can truly focus on life outside of work. So, now that we’ve answered why a physician would need a virtual medical assistant, the only question left to answer is where do you acquire one?

Enter SuperStaff, an outsourcing solution company with a decade-long experience in offshore services to companies that have achieved the status of “Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For in Healthcare and Biopharma.” SuperStaff takes pride in having a deep talent pool that is industry-specific when it comes to competent and reliable employees, especially those with a strong medical background. 

If readers are eager to learn more about virtual medical assistants, they can reach out to SuperStaff. It only takes the click of a mouse to acquire assistance for a better life in and out of the medical practice. 

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