Accounting And Finance Outsourcing Industry

With over a decade of experience providing outsourced accounting and finance solutions, SuperStaff is your ideal partner to manage the bank without breaking it. Our services range from bookkeeping and accounting to billing and audit personnel.


Accounting Outsourcing Services

The accounting and finance department plays a vital role in every business. Whether you are a small startup or a well-established enterprise, you will only be as strong as your financials.

Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing accounting and finance services:

    • Save time and money
      Outsourcing allows companies to simply pay for the service rendered, as opposed to getting bogged down in associated costs like equipment, rentals, recruitment, and a host of other avoidable expenses.
    • Personalized financial strategies and programs
      Outsourcing providers offer personalized strategies to fit your unique business. Because most teams are dedicated, you get the advantage of an in-house team without the costs, liabilities, and red tape.
    • Utilize state of the art tools and expertise
      Outsourcing providers utilize industry-specific technology platforms, recruit from deep talent pools, and typically feature management personnel that specializes in your niche.
    • Expanded talent pools
      While attrition and rising labor costs might be a fact of life in most cities, outsourcing providers are usually strategically located overseas which allows you to leverage offshore economics to pay less while attracting highly educated talent that views your available positions as long term opportunities.

Choosing the Right Partner
At SuperStaff, we combine access to a large talent pool with state of the art technology and a decade of experience to exceed your expectations. We will help you cope with the demands of the industry by giving you a cost-saving advantage over your contemporaries.

What We Offer
At SuperStaff, we provide experts that are dedicated to delivering tangible and substantial results. With more than 10 years of financial outsourcing services, we can help you reduce overhead costs without compromising quality.

The following are the different accounting and finance roles that SuperStaff can provide for your company:

    • Bookkeeper
      Keeps an account of how finances flow in and out of an entity on a daily basis (e.g. purchases, sales, and other financial transactions).
    • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Assistant
      Maintains the financial health of the organization
      Creates, changes, and implements accounting policies and procedures as directed by the Chief Financial Officer.
    • Accounting Supervisor
      Oversees accounting department functions
      Supervises employees
      Keeps financial records
      Assists with audits
      Schedules and delegates tasks to the accounting staff
    • Senior Accountant
      Ensures the accuracy and effectiveness of all accounting tasks
      Reconciles account balances and bank statements
      Keeps general ledgers
      Formulates month-end close procedures
    • Senior Officer – Accounting and Finance
      Preserves the company’s accounting systems (e.g. accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash flow, and revenue)
      Constructs periodic reports guiding management and the other staff in budgeting guidelines
      Reviews the company’s financial position
    • Accountant
      Gives financial information to management through researching and due diligence
      Analyzes accounting data
      Prepares reports
    • Payroll Associate
      Secures precise processing and recording of the company’s payroll
      Provides timely and accurate financial information
      Engages in daily data entry and payroll processing
    • Accounting Clerk
      Executes basic office tasks
      Assists with bookkeeping and reporting
      Aids in researching and resolving discrepancies
    • Geographic Information System (GIS) Operator
      Creates customized maps and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications for the company
      Reads and interprets maps and other GIS data
      Enters the data into the GIS database
      Draws maps using automated software
      Compiles reports for commissions and zone planners
    • Senior Billing Staff
      Performs activities for monthly bill cycle
      Verifies Client Billing Guideline compliance
      Assists in month-end and other periodic close reconciliations, reporting, and analysis

We Are Here for You
Let SuperStaff assist you in growing your company while saving you precious time and money through outsourcing. Put your financing and accounting needs in our experienced and capable hands.

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