E-Learning Outsourcing Industry

Outsourcing educational processes are rapidly becoming the path to profitability for online educational institutions around the world. SuperStaff has taken notice of the phenomena, and as a result, are staffing online English teachers, online math teachers, online tutors, and other subject matter experts, as a way to reduce costs for learning platforms, while simultaneously giving them access to a certified and well-educated workforce.


eLearning Outsourcing Services

How Online Education Impacts Society?
The availability of eLearning has dramatically shifted the way that students today approach higher learning.

Data from educationdata.org shows that in 2018, 47% of students choose online degree programs due to time constraints. In the same year, 21% of students chose web-based educational options because the program they were interested in pursuing was only available online. As of 2019, 46% of faculty members have taught an online course.

What SuperStaff Can Offer

SuperStaff has been delivering outsourcing support for more than a decade and provides a comprehensive and competitive range of solutions.  With locations in the Philippines and in the United States, our eLearning services which are customized for educational institutions include:

  • Online English Teachers and Tutors
  • Online Science Teachers and Tutors
  • Online Math Teachers and Tutors
  • Business, Accounting, and Marketing Teachers and Tutors
  • Virtual Teaching Assistants for course material creation and grading

Some Tools We Used

  • Edmodo is a platform where teachers can create online groups, provide educational materials, measure student performance, and communicate with parents. 
  • Socrative is a system where students can answer exercises and play educational games created by teachers. It can be accessed through mobile phones, tablets, and PCs.
  • Projeqt a tool used to create multimedia content and slides with interactive materials. This can be easily adapted by any device.
  • ClassDojoprovides real-time feedback and notification of rewards and scores/points to students. The information can later be shared with parents.

Start With Us
SuperStaff understands that it’s not only about what you learn, but how you learn it. Accordingly, we are able to provide customized programs, tools, and more importantly, qualified professionals that are matched specifically to fit your educational goals. Book a consultation now to know more!

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