Health and Medical Outsourcing Industry

From medical transcription, medical billing, and coding to insurance claim processing, SuperStaff has over a decade of medical outsourcing experience.


TelemedicineOutsourcing: The New Normal
Health and medical outsourcing have proven to be an integral part of the medical industry for larger businesses for the last decade. However, due to the rising cost of doing business and competitiveness of talent acquisition, outsourcing nonclinical roles has rapidly become a common practice for firms of all sizes.

State of the Industry
Currently, the health and medical industry serve as the front line against the global pandemic known as COVID-19. Hence, the industry has focused its efforts on patient care and recovery from the virus.

Meanwhile, during its March 2020 report, The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, said that the virus will cost the economy $1 trillion in the same year, potentially leaving many healthcare companies in an uncertain financial position.

Mitigation Efforts
Despite economic uncertainties, healthcare organizations have the option to prevent financial losses. Acquiring the services of a reliable offshore outsourcing partner can assist in the effort. This is where a healthcare process outsourcing company can be of significant help.

Why Outsource Health and Medical Services

  • Outsourcing nonclinical services enable healthcare organizations to focus on core activities.
  • It improves and ensures quality customer service.
  • Outsourcing is cost-efficient and increases the flexibility of resources to meet changing market needs.

SuperStaff Outsourcing Solutions
SuperStaff provides clients with the ability to increase their level of service and overall coverage while maintaining their existing budget through outsourcing. Moreover, SuperStaff has a well-established record of meeting even the strictest compliance and regulatory standards.

SuperStaff, Super Services
At SuperStaff, we provide several nonclinical services that are essential to a health organization’s operation. Other outsourcing companies may promise similar services as SuperStaff, but we have worked exclusively in healthcare, insurance, and biopharma for over a decade and have an established background that brings industry-specific experience, technology, and innovation to the table.

Superstaff’s healthcare support services range from outsourced medical billing services to IT solutions that are tailored for your industry.

Outsourced Back Office Support
From accounting and supply chain management to data entry and content moderation, back-office support can help you reduce costs while focusing on your core competencies.

    • Medical Insurance Claim Processing
      With careful examination of quality control and internal data auditing, SuperStaff offers high-quality insurance claim services that enable you to streamline processing while minimizing the cost for your business.
    • Medical Billing and Medical Coding
      Outsourcing medical billing and medical coding will allow your firm to keep the books in order while you focus on the quality of service.
    • Medical Transcription
      Superstaff’s Medical transcription outsourcing services are accurate, timely, and precise. Experienced Transcriptionists listen to voice recordings that physicians and other healthcare workers make and convert them into written reports for ease of access.

Other Nonclinical Services

Customer Support Services
Because SuperStaff takes a solutions-oriented approach, our customer support services combine the best of technology and talent acquisition innovation to produce a satisfying around-the-clock customer experience. Superstaff’s healthcare call centers offer you the following services:

  • Accessible customer support 24/7
  • Prescription Management and records
  • Assessment of patient’s compliance with medication and a real-time update on the patient’s in-house condition
  • Direct collection of finances from patients

Programming & Development Outsourcing Solutions
SuperStaff provides clients with software and application developers focused on healthcare-related tools and platforms. From data management systems to diet and nutrition apps, SuperStaff has clients covered in the digital aspect of health and medicine.

Diagnosis: Consult with SuperStaff
A partnership with SuperStaff allows clients to benefit from high-quality healthcare BPO outsourcing, invest in innovative technologies and processes, and recruit people with the required skills. Furthermore, our health and medical outsourcing services lighten the load which the medical sector is currently bearing.

We offer all these services at a cost that keeps your business viable. Consult with SuperStaff to learn more about setting up your offshore team.

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