IT Network and Telecom Outsourcing Industry

In today’s interconnected and globalized economy, it is now a fact of life that Information Technology and Telecommunications are an essential part of doing any business regardless of the industry. Even industries as hands-on as agriculture are now employing Desktop Support Engineers, Technical Support, Server Administrator, and even CISCO Network Engineers to assist them with production records, financial planning, research, and procurement.


Network Telecommunications Industry Outsourcing

As for businesses that heavily rely on technology, like IT & Telecom firms themselves, the cost of operations is soaring to prohibitive levels due to scarcity of qualified candidates, bidding wars, and a rising wage among professionals among these trades.

For all of these reasons, businesses in the west have begun looking toward offshore economics as a way to tap into large talent pools while decreasing operational costs.  Asian countries like the Philippines produce millions of qualified technical workers every year.  Additionally, the combination of lower wages and the emergence of software that allows for an accountable offsite workforce has changed the game and created a more stable path to profitability for western businesses that rely on technology.

Why Outsource IT and Telecommunications?

In 2019, a statistical report showed that total revenue from global IT outsourcing exceeded $92 billion. According to business executives, the leading drivers of this positive growth are cost-cutting initiatives meant to enable internal focus on core business areas.

If your business is looking to reduce operational expenses, lower the cost of talent acquisition, and move to an accountable offsite workforce, SuperStaff has a decade of experience that you can rely on.

Below is a list of SuperStaff’s available services for the IT and Telecommunication Industry.

  • Information Technology Services
    SuperStaff’s industry-specific experience turning tense interactions into positive opportunities for increased customer loyalty might be just the solution you’ve been looking for. Also, with its outsourcing expertise along with around the clock remote support, problems are addressed immediately in real-time.
  • Application and database development
    Going digital means that businesses need to develop programs to populate its database while simultaneously updating queries from multiple users. Database developers from SuperStaff are well-honed in facilitating application and database development through the available SQL database and NoSQL database. Moreover, database administrators supervise the use and security of those database applications. 
  • Business continuity and Disaster Recovery
    Whether faced with a natural disaster or a cyber-attack, SuperStaff’s strong IT recovery and emergency preparedness plan should have your business up and running within minutes. In current business settings, this means ensuring access to applications and data is a necessity for smooth business operations.
  • Helpdesk
    SuperStaff helpdesk specialists efficiently deal with technical assistance and support issues related to computer systems, network connectivity, software, and hardware through 24/7 remote monitoring assistance.
  • IT Training
    SuperStaff offers IT training programs for its clientele. This service includes basic and advanced levels in IT management in data and resource gathering, as well as giving updates on new technologies and computer systems that reduce time-consuming output.
  • Network management
    Superstaff’s qualified network engineers and server administrators are well trained to handle complex processes to maintain an error-free network. Their task is to oversee and manage a businesses’ network system by checking for fault and performance to maintain its Quality of Service.  
  • Security, Virus Protection, Data Backup, and Recovery
    Similar to business continuity and disaster recovery services, but focuses more on data and system breach prevention. SuperStaff’s cybersecurity specialists are well versed in the use of various backup tools and best practices for business continuity plans. 
  • Technology road mapping and planning
    The current business landscape requires critical mapping and planning to have the right technology solutions for future market needs. SuperStaff’s technological road mapping and planning services provide its clients with a structured and easily understandable visual platform representing the culmination of planning, strategy, and information coordination for both short-term and long-term overall business strategy.
  • Technical support
    SuperStaff Technical support specialists are well trained to know their way around a product and offer a user-friendly solution on whatever platform they use. They also undergo training to provide tech support service that borders on a customer service representative approach, which leaves a positive impact with customers while reducing their need to call back regarding the same technical problem.  
  •  Virtual CIO (vCIO)
    SuperStaff’s IT and Telecoms services cater not only to medium to large businesses but also extends its expertise with small enterprises with its remote service known as Virtual Chief Information Officer. 

By providing Businesses with a part-time consultant that remotely monitors and supports the development of a technology roadmap, even smaller business companies have the opportunity to be competitive against larger counterparts in the IT and Telecoms operations.

You Definitely Need IT!

By now you should have a clear picture of what services you need to outsource and where to acquire the expertise and professionalism to handle the tasks you have in mind. Set up a consultation with SuperStaff in order to get an in-depth analysis of your needs and potential solutions for your IT and Telecom Concerns.

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