Paralegal Outsourcing Industry

 SuperStaff offers top-tier legal support solutions to companies in the US, Europe, and Australia. Leverage offshore economics to hire a legal transcriptionist, paralegallegal secretary, or corporate lawyer.


Paralegal Outsourcing Services

Legal process outsourcing (LPO), is the growing practice of law firms and corporations to outsource legal support services to a 3rd party specialist partner, either onshore or offshore.  This is done for a number of reasons, with the most common being that outsourcing allows for the control of an in-house counsel, but the specialty of outside counsel, while at the same time, reducing legal costs by at least 30-50%.

Here are the advantages that you obtain when outsourcing legal services:

  • Financially Efficient Approach
    Outsourcing allows a firm to hire paralegals, or other staff, at a third of the cost.  Typically, salary, rent, equipment, and benefits are wrapped up into a single hourly billing rate.
  • Flexibility
    Hiring outsourced legal experts to augment your existing in-house staff can provide valuable support for complex cases. This will make the workload more manageable and prevents the cost of either falling behind, or hiring local staff to help catch up.
  • Quality Service
    Specialty LPO firms typically only hire from the country’s top law schools and firms, and due to the benefits of offshore economics, they are able to employ the region’s top legal talent at a fraction of the cost.

World-Class Remote Legal Solutions At Affordable Rates

Choosing to outsource legal services can ease the workload for your company and save you money. However, selecting the right provider is imperative for you to enjoy these benefits.

At SuperStaff, we have a rich talent pool of dedicated staff that provides services that are cost-efficient. 

The legal roles we commonly fill include:

  • Legal transcriptionist – Transfers audio recordings of court proceedings, dictating notes, recorded depositions, and many other sources of legal record into written documents. In addition, the transcriptionist prepares legal documents through revising and proofreading draft legal documents such as pleadings and discovery.
  • Legal secretary – Provides administrative support in a law firm. It is their job to prepare court documents, maintain attorney calendars, and type court minutes.
  • Liaison officer – Acts as the middleman between outside businesses and your company. He/she collects, analyzes, and utilizes data and feedback between organizations.
  • Personal injury paralegal – Interviews clients, reviews reports by witnesses or police, and makes appointments for medical examinations.  He/she also determines the extent of damage covered by the insurance policy and other basic litigation duties.
  • Legal researcher – Provides research that ties in with the evidence presented, case laws, and even the litigation process.
  • Collections paralegal – Assists the attorney in recovering outstanding balances and/or assets of prejudgment and post-judgment creditor clients.

We Are Here for You
Let SuperStaff assist you in growing your company while saving you precious time and money through outsourcing. Put your legal outsourcing needs in our experienced and capable hands.

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