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SuperStaff: Outsource Your Media Efforts to SuperStaff’s Team of Experts

Over the last 10 years, the Public Relation and Media industry has revolutionized every single business sector. This has empowered startups to soar to unprecedented heights. At the same time, it has humbled many Wall Street darlings.

In other words, the rules have changed. Media engagement is of utmost importance, not only in delivering, but also crafting your message.

This is why to properly leverage PR, you need a team that understands the true potential of social and virtual media.  They should also know the ins and outs of content creation, dissemination, and moderation.

In need of such a team? SuperStaff is here to help!

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Media Needs

For more than a decade, SuperStaff has been managing the media portfolio of large enterprises. As a result, we’ve learned quite a bit along the way.  When you partner with us, you get the following benefits:

  • Streamlined process

Reduced in-house stress by assigning time-consuming work to an offshore location. Thanks to a simplified procedure, you can get quality output when you most need it.

  • High quality at a low cost

Tap into a highly-experienced and educated workforce at a fraction of the regular cost. For example, a short video animator can produce world-class quality presentations on an affordable price tag.

  • Focus on your areas of strength

Once you outsource repetitive tasks such as graphic designer and content writing, your domestic staff can zero in on the core competencies and arragengements of your business.

Roles and Positions

Get a cost-effective PR and social media team without sacrificing quality! Here are the roles we offer:

  • Content Writer

Our content writers are highly experienced in both creative and technical aspects of content production. Whether your needs are in the areas of white papers, blog posts, manuals, or business collateral, we can be of help.

  • Video Editor

Need video editing and animated graphics? Our video editors can create presentations of the highest level for you. Tools used include Adobe Premiere, OpenShot, Apple Final Cut Pro X and more.

  • Graphic Designer

This is where the Philippines really shines.  A local graphic designer can produce enterprise-level designs for the world’s largest companies. What’s more, they can do it at a cost that is 20-30% of their foreign counterparts.

  • Short Video Animator

Spruce up your media campaigns with exciting short films. Hire a short video animator to expertly work his magic on your campaigns. Our animators use only the best specialty computer programs, such as Animaker and Adobe Animate among others.

  • Public Relations Officer

Our virtual PR officers will help build your relations with clients and establish your brand. Let our PR team secure your place among the web’s elite, while you focus on your areas of strength.

  • Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are both the workhorse and unsung hero of the outsourcing world.  A quality VA can manage your client relationships and engage your prospects. They can also assist with executive tasks that could distract you from the big picture.

  • Social Media Moderator

Too busy to check and update your Facebook and LinkedIn pages?  Let a social media moderator oversee them for you. Under your supervision, they will create posts, respond to comments, and engage with customers on your behalf. 

Grow Your Offshore PR Assets Now!

Our staff hails from the most prestigious institutions and schools in the Philippines. They’ve undergone intensive training, and have been vetted using international standards. What’s more, they are highly motivated. Thus, you can expect work of the highest quality, delivered in a timely manner. Contact SuperStaff now for high-quality media solutions that give you value for your money!

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