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Teaching You How to Invest in Real Estate by Outsourcing Your Work Force

The current real estate environment has us dealing with a slow and on-the-move global economy. There is also the pressure to hike up revenue as costs come up. The most important question nowadays is how resources can be used to address such challenges. At Superstaff, we guide you on how to get into real estate with an offshore team of trained experts.

Rewards for real estate investment will be seeing a competitive growth of 3.8% of the industry pie. In addition, property market investors are going from transactional to advisory functions, which include market research, lease portfolios, and strategic operating plans. You need offshore roles that are out of your areas of expertise so that you could focus on training and supporting your team and maintaining crucial business and government relationships.

SuperStaff has you covered with around the clock virtual agents. Whether you need a strategic real estate consultant or a listings manager, SuperStaff has the right people to fill your vacancies and get you on a head start in property investment. If you’re getting started on how to become a real estate developer, we can aid you!

The Most Dependable Offshore Real Estate Experts on the Web                                                      SuperStaff’s offshore services consist of real estate experts with knowledge on the background of the US property industry. We will give you the manpower needed to carry out tasks required by real estate companies.

We conduct strict recruitment screening that ensures that you get the most ideal candidate for the positions you want. Here are some of the reasons you want to partner with us.

  • An experienced professional team

Our offshore services are the best fit for global real estate firms. Unlike your local team who is always on the road, an outsourced team does not require much of an adjustment. We can provide you with the tools on how to get into real estate on a huge scale.

  • Shared services know-how

We promote a coordinated convergence of ideas. Real estate businesses are now accustomed to technology with the use of apps and cloud-based tools, which our skilled offshore teams are very skilled in.

  • More efficient running of technology


Real estate has involved people engaging online, utilizing advertising apps, and online applications with paper portals. 

With an established real estate operator you can satisfy such criteria, while making sure that you are a good prospect for investors.


Wondering how to get a real estate license, or how to seek assistance on lease agreements? Count on SuperStaff to find you the best people for these services:

  • Listing Coordinator

Get a manager to take care of the real estate listings for quick selling of homes. They help in preparing information and procuring signatures for listings. 

Tools: Microsoft Office, Visio, Outlook

  • Transaction Coordinator

This real estate professional is in charge of managing deadlines and paper work in real estate. They take care of every step of the process via the steps involved in close of escrow.

Tools: Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Outlook

  • Property Designer

Hire one of our experts to take care of your property designing initiatives. Expect outstanding designs from our team.

Tools: Sketchup Pro, AutoCAD, Total 3D Home, Chief Architect Premiere

  • Marketing Coordinator

The marketing coordinator helps in executing marketing campaigns so that the real estate owned brand could be expanded. They aid in strategizing, executing and managing ad campaigns for marketing new listings from start to finish.

Tools: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SEM Rush

  • Administration Coordinator 

Our team has a person assigned to take charge of your properties. They will take care of the processing of tax, insurance, leasing, and other tenant billings.

Tools: Microsoft Office, Everlance, Appfolio Property Manager

  • Property Consultant/Coordinator

Contact our outsourced staff for solutions for your property that lasts. Not only will they check on your tenants, but they will also prepare and update your property management religiously.

Tools: RealScout, VRX Staging, Planon Real Estate Management

  • Project Manager

Allow someone to enforce the timely completion of your products. Get a project manager to take care of your real estate campaign for a fraction of the price. 

Tools: Placester, Trello, Zoho Projects

  • Lease Consultants

Alongside your real estate agents, our team of consultants will take care of your property once it comes up on the leasing market.

            Tools: Servus Connect, Accruent, Property Manager Cloud

  • Billing and Collections

Monitor your collectibles with a remote team with a global standard of financial expertise.

Tools: Microsoft Excel, Lotus

  • Lead Generation Specialist

These people lead buyers to the site, helping give a glimpse of our prized properties.

Tools: Zillow Premier Agent, Area Pulse, Showcase IDX

  • Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing needs to be done to make real estate awareness widespread. Our experienced web property wizards will ensure that you get the best marketing leads.

            Tools: Google Ads, Google Trends, Bing Webmaster Tools

  • Video Editor

Hire an expert video editor to put together a good promotional AVP for your company. Our experts have corporate video producing backgrounds that are a great fit for your businesses. 

Tools: Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Freemake Video Converter, iMovie

  • Social Media Marketing Specialist

Make sure everybody gets the word out about your business and real estate investments on social media. Hire someone who works with Facebook Ad Tools, Instagram Analytics tools and more.

Tools: Facebook Ads, Instagram Analytics, Twitter Analytics 

  • Asset Manager

Get someone to monitor property management from afar for your business. Outsourcing your asset manager will help you cut down on costs.

Tools: ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, Spine Assets, Fresh Service 

  • Customer Service Officer

Let a knowledgeable customer service assistant guide you through important dealings with clients. Our caring staff from across the way are always on hand to serve you.

Tools: Freshdesk, LiveAgent, Kayako

Get Us to Manage Your Real Estate Efforts

With the property market becoming increasingly competitive, you need to focus on your core strengths and have an exceptional remote staff handle all your initiatives. As a result, you save up on property related expenses and rake in the profits!

SuperStaff can help in taking your company and real estate websites to the next level. We can help you create a dedicated team that could take on any role and any level of expertise. Contact us now for the best offshore staff to handle your property business campaigns!

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