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From accounting, fraud prevention, Content moderation, Content Creation, Data Entry, Claim Processing, and supply chain management to Fraud prevention,  and content moderation, Back-Office Support Outsourcing Services functions are an essential part of your business. SuperStaff can help you excel in this area so that you can reduce costs while focusing on your core competencies through our back-office outsourcing services.

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Although consumers rarely see the inner workings of the back-office, these services are an essential part of your business, and to stay competitive, you must apply the right strategies. The right back-office strategy can help you increase revenue, reduce overhead costs, and improve overall growth. The wrong strategy can result in unrealized profits, data leaks, and much worse.

At SuperStaff, we employ experienced back-office agents who specialize in their respective positions and are coached by supervisors with a track record of optimizing behind the scene operations. Our back-office outsourcing services will share your responsibilities, allowing you to focus on the core functions of your business.


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Fraud Prevention

Fraud is a serious problem for businesses with an online component and can lead to critical failures that jeopardize your customer’s confidence in your company. With SuperStaff, we will help you put a stop to fraud. We take pride in protecting consumers and the companies that serve them.

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Content Moderation

Content moderation helps protect a brand’s users from hateful and dangerous content. SuperStaff can deploy a team of experienced moderators to install processes to ensure that all the user generated content on your platform is within your terms of service.

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Content Creation

From SEO articles and website content to e-commerce descriptions and internal process manuals, SuperStaff can build a team of creative and/or technical writers to make sure your company is well represented in this back office function.

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Data Entry

Data management remains one of the most time consuming functions within the back office and is a challenge most businesses struggle to effectively address. With our dedicated team and effective processes, we will help you restructure data entry tasks to be more organized and cost efficient.

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Claims Processing

This can be a very complicated back office task that it is equally time sensitive. At SuperStaff, we help to check, manage, process, and reconcile claims in an orderly manner that works toward timely resolutions for your customers.


SuperStaff offers a variety of outsourcing solutions that are designed to help you reduce cost and fortify your business operations on multiple business fronts.

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