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SuperStaff presents the most reliable and efficient outsourced accounting and finance solutions for your company. From outsourced bookkeeping services to billing personnel, we got it for you! Find out what more we could offer.

The accounting and finance department plays a vital role in any business.

Their job description includes but not limited to the following duties:

  • Prepares financial statements and reports
  • Provides consultations on investment practices and strategies
  • Reports financial status to the company’s key people
  • Updates on the latest economic trends affecting financial decisions

They also guarantee financial transparency while giving support to the company’s business activities. They keep financial management healthy to help the company achieve its goals accordingly.

Why Outsource Accounting and Finance Services

This rapid change in accounting and finance has become a concern for some companies. While several businesses become more reliant upon modern tools and technology, some can’t adapt or make any improvements at all. As a result, they struggle to cope with the ever-changing demands of the economy.

Outsourcing reformed business strategies have become popular with industries. Most experts positively claim this is a cost-saving and strategic method that improves the quality of work.

Benefits of Choosing Outsourced Accounting and Finance Services

With innovation, running certain parts of your business outside the company rather than having an internal team has become possible. In-house accounting and finance staff may be advantageous, but outsourcing can offer appealing benefits for you.

Here are some of those benefits of outsourcing accounting and finance services:

  • Save time and money
    Outsourcing allows a company to skip several processes in hiring and training that is probably both time and money consuming. It also lets you skip paying for other fees like benefits and taxes. Simply pay for their service then you can have your output later.
  • Personalized financial strategies and programs
    Outsourcing providers offer personalized strategies and programs that help the business operations that suits your needs.
  • Utilized tools and expertise
    Outsourcing providers have the reputation to have the best among their teams. Meaning, you can guarantee that your tasks are given to those who can perform at a high level. Additionally, they are equipped with the latest technology needed for their field.
  • More workforce
    Your company can maximize the workforce of the outsourced accounting team without overpaying.

Choosing the Right Partner

You must choose an outsourcing service provider that fits your needs and profile. With SuperStaff, we will not just provide you what you need, but will also exceed your expectations. We will help you cope with the demands of the industry while giving you a cost-saving service.

What We Could Offer

At SuperStaff, we provide a handful of experts that are dedicated to delivering tangible and substantial results. We have been recognized for our bookkeeping service for 10 years. Now, we could offer more services without compromising quality.

The following are the different accounting and finance roles that SuperStaff can provide for your company:


    • Keeps an account of how finances flow in and out of an entity on daily details (e.g., purchases, sales, and other financial transactions).

    Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Assistant

    • Maintains the financial health of the organization; and
    • Creates, changes, and implements accounting policies and procedures as directed by the Chief Financial Officer.

    Accounting Supervisor

    • Oversees accounting department functions
    • Supervises employees
    • Keeps financial records
    • Assists with audits
    • Schedules and delegates tasks to the accounting staff

    Senior Accountant

    • Ensures the accuracy and effectiveness of all of our accounting tasks
    • Reconciles account balances and bank statements
    • Keeps general ledgers
    • Formulates month-end close procedures

     Senior Officer – Accounting and Finance

    • Preserves the company’s accounting systems (e.g., accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash flow, and revenue)
    • Constructs periodic reports guiding management and the other staff in budgeting
    • Reviews the company’s financial position, and the other strategic and operational reasons


    • Gives financial information to management by researching
    • Analyzes accounting data
    • Prepares reports

    Payroll Associate

    • Secures precise processing and recording of the company’s payroll
    • Provides timely and accurate financial information
    • Engages in daily data entry payroll processing

    Accounting Clerk

    • Executes basic office tasks
    • Assists with bookkeeping and reporting
    • Aids in researching and resolving discrepancies

    Geographic Information System (GIS) Operator

    • Creates customized maps and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications for the company
    • Reads and interprets maps and other GIS data
    • Enters the data into the GIS database
    • Draws maps using automated software
    • Compiles reports for commissions and zone planners

    Senior Billing Staff

    • Performs activities for monthly bill cycle
    • Verifies Client Billing Guideline compliance
    • Assists in month-end and other periodic close reconciliations, reporting, and analysis

We Are Here for You

As a business owner, you must learn to make the smartest moves. Let SuperStaff assist you in growing your company while saving you more time and money through outsourcing. Put your financing and accounting needs in our keenly capable hands. Request a consultation now!

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