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Anyone can duplicate a function offshore. SuperStaff was founded in 2009 to do so much more. We’ll evaluate your challenges as a whole and develop a comprehensive plan for deploying the right people, aided by the right technology, and guided by the right processes so your organization works smarter and more efficiently—adding measurable value along the way.


When SuperStaff hires, trains and optimizes your staff, you get an experienced team of offshore specialists who will fortify your onsite capabilities and reduce overhead. Our Philippine or US based staff will be able to provide the type of quality that matches your onsite expectations, while allowing you to enjoy the cost savings that come with outsourcing.

Our Philosophy

Outsourcing That Elevates

We’re driven by the belief that successful outsourcing is about more than just reducing your overhead. It’s about breaking free of boundaries and adding real value through exceptional people and service.

Our Experience

10 Years of Smart Reinvention

SuperStaff is a comprehensive outsourcing solutions provider dedicated to continuous improvement in delocalizing workforces, reimagining systems and models, and putting cost savings to work to grow enterprises.

Our Home

The World’s Outsourcing Capital

Makati, Philippines boasts modern infrastructure, vibrant economy, a high concentration of focused resources and talent, the highest literacy rate in southeast Asia and strong cultural alignment with Western customers.


SuperStaff provides a full suite of outsourcing solutions so that your company can seamlessly scale on multiple business fronts.

Customer Support Multi-Channel Interactions

SuperStaff is prepared to engage your customers on any channel that’s most convenient for them. Our agents can be dedicated per channel, or cross-trained to manage client communications on the phone, email, chat, or social media. Additionally, our customer support specialists communicate at the speed of commerce: careful, clear, friendly and information-rich interactions that solve problems, answer questions, and satisfy the need for promptness.

Recruitment Process OutsourcingRelentlessly Sourcing Great Talent

Technology, specialty, and capacity are three of the main obstacles for companies in search of their industry’s best people. At SuperStaff, we will scour your industry (especially your competitors) to build a team of fully dedicated specialists capable of utilizing the latest technology. Imagine your hiring manager’s email box filled with resumes already screened, qualified, interviewed, and ready for a decision. Now, stop imagining and give us a call.

Programming & Development Smart People, Smartly Deployed

Filling highly specialized development positions is always a challenge, but even more so if your company faces high costs or a limited talent pool. SuperStaff has the resources and experience to help you successfully overcome both. Through our Philippine offshore campus, SuperStaff provides the same level of skill you need, at a lower cost by virtue of the country’s highly educated workforce. From full-stack or front-end, to software or applications development, SuperStaff delivers comprehensive programming solutions for these difficult to hire positions.

Back Office Support A Full Suite of Support Solutions

At SuperStaff, we know that back office operations often take resources and time from growing companies who need to focus on expansion related front office initiatives. It is because of this that SuperStaff offers a full suite of back office solutions, including data entry, content moderation, and content creation. Furthermore, we put a premium emphasis on recruiting an experienced and process-oriented workforce that can not only manage this type of work, but optimize it as well. By tapping our deep pool of talented back office support agents, you can fortify your processes, and heavily reduce your cost of doing business.


SuperStaff has established itself not only as a comprehensive solutions provider, but also an industry thought leader for businesses looking to locate resources overseas. We regularly research and publish articles on business process outsourcing (BPO), knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Whether you are just now exploring the benefits of a potential outsourcing partner, or are an enterprise with decades of overseas experience, we aim to contribute to the overall industry dialogue and be a rich source of knowledge for you.

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