We build exceptional outsourced teams

Allow SuperStaff, an outsourcing call center in the Philippines, to equip your business with call center processes, and an incredible team of high performing and fully engaged leased employees.

The SuperStaff Approach

Scalable Processes
Enjoy operational versatility with our scalable outsourcing solutions.

Comparative Cost Advantage
Achieve cost-efficiency and increased ROI in all areas of operations.

Expect a high level of performance throughout our partnership.

Trust us to uphold integrity and transparency in all our transactions.

What We Do

We open the doors of global expansion to businesses of all sizes with our full range of outsourcing solutions.

Multilingual Support

Capture the international market through
the expertise of our highly trained and
culturally adept multilingual agents.

Back Office Support

Increase focus on your core competencies
by outsourcing repetitive tasks to our team.

Customer Service Outsourcing

Deliver world-class customer and
technical support services across all channels.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Save time in finding the most qualified
candidates with our full-cycle RPO solutions.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Rely on our experts to construe data-driven
processes that require in-depth knowledge,
expertise, & analytical skills.

E-Commerce Outsourcing

Become a disruptive force in the
online marketplace with our eCommerce
support solutions.

Our Locations

SuperStaff’s leading site is in Makati, but we’ve since expanded to Pampanga, an emerging BPO hub.
We’ve also established a presence in Medellin, Colombia, to widen our global reach.
Our executive team lives and works in Pittston, Pennsylvania.
Feel free to come by so you can experience our brand of service firsthand.
We can’t wait to meet you and discuss how SuperStaff will fuel your success!

SuperStaff, an outsourcing call center from the Philippines, provides a full suite of customizable solutions that help businesses fulfill a high level of quality in service value, drive down costs and increase talent diversity.

A Call Center Outsourcing Company in the Philippines

In a new business world where so many employees work remotely by utilizing cloud-based technology, our employees blend right in.

Whether an employee is just around the corner or across the world, they are all part of a team and the organization as a whole. We strive to support a business model that allows employees to have deep interactions.

A company culture is the foundation of success, and engaging our employees means they are more than willing to support the company and work on a common mission. Outsourced employees are people, and those interactions are key.

Offshore Outsourcing for every business format

Whether you are a single professional, or a business owner looking to expand your current venture, SuperStaff can be your trusted and dependable BPO outsourcing provider. In the global business market, only those businesses that find ways to meet challenges efficiently keep their edge. With custom-built services that fit your business needs, SuperStaff can be your partner in helping your business grow.

Develop a BPO Outsourcing Strategy with SuperStaff

Whatever BPO outsourcing needs you have, SuperStaff is more than capable of implementing a customized offshore outsourcing service that will help you grow your business. Our priority is offering performance-enabling processes that are essential for your business to reach high customer service performance.

Our sales team takes the time to understand your business’s needs before building a solution that is just right for you. We help assess which roles are right for outsourcing to ensure smooth job transition. We will be with you each step of the way.

Your success is our story!

We are excited to hear from you!