Matt Narciso

Managing Director & Chief Executive

Grace Rivera, CPA, MBA

Vice President of Finance & Admin

Lorenzo Ruiz Castro

Operations Manager

Rhayan Santos

Operations Manager

Billy Samonte

IT Infrastructure & Security Manager

Ann Gelli Tolentino

Solutions & Outreach Manager

Jenmark Ariscon

Customer Success Manager

Hearthylyn Nartatez- Fiel

Talent Acquisition Associate Manager

Cristina Lizardo

Compensation and Benefits Associate Manager

Kristine Barcelona

Finance and Accounting Associate Manager

Cath Amodia

Admin and Procurement Associate Manager

Your Success Is Our Story
Our Success Is Our People’s Story

We recognize that businesses need the support of a competent workforce, and we know where the qualified people are.

We create that bridge between companies and qualified talent, making it our goal to create a mutually beneficial environment for employers, employees, customers, and stakeholders.