Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshore Outsourcing Services

SuperStaff taps into one of the robust economies in South America to deliver strategic and economic advantages to businesses. We offer world-class nearshoring solutions through our headquarters in Medellin, Colombia.

By outsourcing to our Colombia call center, our partners gain significant cost savings and increased flexibility while keeping operations closer to the U.S.

Colombia-Based Outsourcing Solutions

We understand that cultural and geographical similarities are crucial for some companies. Through our nearshore call center services, SuperStaff helps businesses achieve the ideal balance between affordability and proximity. We enable our partners to collaborate and execute business processes with ease.

Technological Excellence

Colombia boasts one of the most cutting-edge communication networks and infrastructure in the region. Blending the country’s technological leadership and our own, SuperStaff’s Latin American call center affords our partners greater speed and efficiency to enhance global competitiveness.

Dedicated Nearshoring Teams

With access to a robust pool of Colombia-based professionals, we build teams with diverse skills—ranging from customer care, technical support and virtual assistants to recruiters and project managers.

At our Colombia call center, we offer BPO solutions that can be established as a primary delivery model or to complement onshore, offshore, or blended operations.

Why Outsource With Us

Caution in Blue Circle
Better Risk Management
Access to Large Talent Pool
Dollar Sign Targeted
Improve & Maintain Business Focus
Maximize Resources, Minimize Cost
Improved Customer Service with 24/7 Business Operations

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