Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing Solutions

SuperStaff offers enterprise-level outsourcing solutions to help businesses evolve with the rapidly changing global market. Based in the Finance District of Makati, Philippines, we are well positioned to build an offshore team to help you tap into massive talent pools and leverage offshore economics.

Philippine Based Outsourcing Solutions

When SuperStaff launched its pioneer office in Makati City, Philippines in 2009, its primary goal was to offer scalability on demand to growing companies who needed to take advantage of offshore economics to increase their competitive advantage. After more than a decade, we’ve been able to do just that, all while helping our clients to expand across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

Technology & Accountability

SuperStaff utilizes a full range of call center technologies including multiple telephony and dialer platforms, performance management trackers, as well as computer monitoring software so that you can evaluate production levels in real-time. Our Operational Excellence teams will be available to you for regular evaluations of your team’s performance, and to align with your overall customer engagement strategy.

Blending Cost With Value

While cost cutting measures may be one of the most compelling reasons behind offshoring, it should never be the only factor when picking a call center partner. Over the course of the last decade, SuperStaff has built a veteran team of outsourcing leaders that will guide your onsite team in the industry’s best practices, and collaborate closely with your firm’s leadership every step of the way. Additionally, our internal and value-added resources, such as Quality Assurance, Implementation, Training, IT, and Work Force Management will ensure that in addition to reducing expenses, you won’t sacrifice quality.

Why Outsource With Us

Caution in Blue Circle
Better Risk Management
Access to Large Talent Pool
Dollar Sign Targeted
Improve & Maintain Business Focus
Maximize Resources, Minimize Cost
Improved Customer Service with 24/7 Business Operations

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