Onshore Outsourcing Solutions

We understand that some jobs are best carried out domestically. Headquartered in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, SuperStaff offers access to highly trained outsourcing professionals across the United States. Our fully operational centers are equipped with the latest technology to facilitate seamless communication across all time zones.

US Based Customer Success Solutions

With more than a decade of experience in offering 24/7 customer engagement solutions, SuperStaff is one of the leading voices in the onshore call center industry.  Our solutions are customizable, multi-channel, and offer scalability on demand.

Multi-Channel Engagement

While true customer engagement is structured in reliability, it should be adaptable in accessibility.  You must be available on the channels that your customers choose, and not the other way around.  SuperStaff Customer Engagement Officers are cross trained in chat, email, and phone support, and are available around the clock.  When your customers have a problem, we’ll be there, waiting to help.

Transparency & Technology

SuperStaff maintains a full suite of partner technologies ranging from state-of-the-art telco and dialer platforms, to monitoring and accountability software so that you can evaluate measurable results.  Our Quality Assurance and Operational Excellence teams will make these reporting mechanisms available to you around the clock, and will regularly meet with your firm’s customer success leadership to ensure that your standards are being upheld and your expectations succeeded.

Why Outsource With Us

Better Risk Management
Access to Large Talent Pool
Improve & Maintain Business Focus
Maximize Resources, Minimize Cost
Improved Customer Service with 24/7 Business Operations

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