Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing

Why is LPO important?

The emergence of new regulations, technology-driven transformations, and other disruptions, including the increasing litigation costs, make the already competitive legal landscape even more challenging. By delegating non-core legal work to a reputable legal process outsourcing provider, firms can focus on enhancing and expanding core competencies and capabilities amid all the disruptions coming their way.

LPO providers help firms operate in the most cost-efficient manner without compromising the quality of their legal services. You can reallocate resources to exploring revenue-generating projects, as the cost of legal outsourcing services is significantly more economical than running in-house operations. 

SuperStaff’s edge over other legal process outsourcing companies 

At SuperStaff, we give you the ability to customize legal process outsourcing solutions and staffing according to your firm’s demands. Whether you want to establish legal process outsourcing in the Philippines or the U.S., we can design the operational models that work best for you. We can even arrange a combination of both onshore and offshore outsourcing operations if needed.

The operational support you need while you focus on client-lawyer relationships

The legal industry faces many disruptions, with technological and regulatory changes bringing the most radical impact. With all the paperwork and high operational demands that come with modern-day practice, it’s easy to lose focus on what matters most: the client-lawyer relationship. 

Firms should always excel, and best represent their clients’ interests against all odds. With the support from SuperStaff, you can sustain an efficient and balanced alignment of tasks, all while upholding your clients’ trust. 

We can build you a skilled team capable of performing high-value legal process outsourcing tasks and other back-office functions. Some of the roles we fill include:

  • Legal transcriptionist 
  • Legal secretary 
  • Liaison officer 
  • Personal injury paralegal 
  • Legal researcher 
  • Collections paralegal 

Some of the support we offer include:

  • Record keeping
  • Database maintenance
  • Word processing
  • Scheduling
  • Data entry

We have headquarters in strategic locations.

With the plethora of work involved in running a law firm, having access to global talents will prove to be beneficial. Aside from locations in the U.S., SuperStaff has an offshore center in the Philippines—where premier universities produce high-caliber law graduates.

SuperStaff’s Philippine headquarters is within striking distance of some of these universities. This strategic location gives us the ability to provide clients with articulate and analytical legal professionals. Indeed, we have a proven track record of delivering excellent legal outsourcing services to firms and corporations in the US, Europe, and Australia.

What We Can Do For You


Accomplish legal documents and align tasks in a faster, smarter, and more efficient manner.

Considerable Cost-Savings

Stay competitive and profitable despite the rapidly evolving landscape of the legal market.

Increased Flexibility

Scale your outsourcing services as needed to boost efficiency and performance.

Expanded Capabilities

Fill in gaps in internal competencies in the most cost-effective way possible.

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