Specialty Healthcare Outsourcing

Specialty Healthcare Outsourcing

Bracing healthcare companies for sudden transitions

COVID-19 has drastically altered the healthcare ecosystem. The pandemic has raised the demand for a dedicated workforce and reliable infrastructure. More than ever, the healthcare sector needs the help of a reputable healthcare BPO to navigate the new normal. 

For more than a decade, SuperStaff has provided healthcare outsourcing services to firms specializing in healthcare technology, biopharmaceutical, insurance, medical manufacturing, and other related services. 

Maximize the invaluable benefits of outsourcing in healthcare

Even before the pandemic, SuperStaff’s healthcare outsourcing solutions have been instrumental in helping healthcare facilities reduce costs, expand technical capabilities, and fortify scalability. Companies of all sizes, including Forbes-ranked enterprises, entrust the following crucial back-office functions to our team: 

  • Medical transcription
  • Medical billing and coding 
  • Insurance claim processing
  • Medical call center services
  • Other non-clinical functions
    • Programming and development 
    • Recruitment 
    • Technical support 
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 
    • Supply chain management
    • Accounting 
    • Fraud Prevention
    • Content Services

Choose the right partner for your healthcare outsourcing needs

If the frontline operation is the heart of a successful healthcare service, the back-office is its lifeblood. From writing prescriptions to attending to patients’ inquiries 24/7, these jobs are best left to the capable hands of an experienced outsourced team.

Our dedicated professionals at SuperStaff have the expertise to perform such tasks. Having a location in the Philippines, we have access to world-class nurses and other healthcare professionals. 

We also operate under the guidance of a parent company that specializes in healthcare and biopharma. Allow us to take some load off your frontline staff, so you can focus on delivering a more effective patient and clinician experience.

What We Can Do For You


Maximize your frontline staff’s productivity by delegating non-clinical tasks to our team.

Access global

Boost your workforce with professionals who specialize in back-office functions.

Enhance Customer

Drive customer satisfaction and engagement by providing support 24/7.

Gain Significant

Reduce overhead costs and reinvest savings to improve healthcare services.

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