Multilingual Call Center Customer Support Service: Portuguese

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Portugal boasts a long lineup of economic opportunities, from automotive and renewable energy to biotechnology and shared services. No wonder investors from all over the world are looking at this country with growing interest.

There are also many native and multilingual speakers eager to take on Portuguese customer service jobs. However, there is more to customer service than just speaking the language. There is plenty of cultural difference to be aware of when dealing with Portuguese customers.

For instance, Portuguese people are known for placing great value on personal comfort. Growing trends also show they are now leaning towards products and services with little to no environmental impact. They are also not impulsive buyers which means it will take great convincing before trusting a brand.

SuperStaff: Sourcing the best people for Portuguese customer support

Finding talents who understand clients’ culture and behavior is necessary. Regardless of the industry you operate in, having culturally aware Portuguese call center service agents will prove advantageous.

Suppose you wish to capitalize on Portugal’s thriving commercial landscape, you need to partner with a Portuguese call center. The partnership can provide you access to up to 10 million potential clients.

If you’re looking for a BPO that can help address the needs of your growing number of Portuguese-speaking clients, SuperStaff is your best bet. We can build you a team of competent specialists trained to cater specifically to your market. With the most qualified people in the field working for you, you never have to worry about your customers getting the best care possible.

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