Matt Narciso

Managing Director and Chief Executive

Matt Narciso, the Managing Director of SuperStaff, has built his career at the intersection of technology and outsourcing as the National Head and Director of outsourcing consultancies from the Philippines, United Kingdom, and the United States over the last 15 years. His technology and offshoring experience has shaped his philosophy that innovation should be at the forefront of any outsourcing strategy.

Over the course of his tenure, SuperStaff has grown by more than 340 percent, expanded service coverage into 13 additional countries, launched operational teams in multiple regions both in the Philippines and the United States, and added 23 additional languages to its customer support offerings.

Looking ahead, Matt aims to combine advancements in automation with continuous improvements in talent acquisition and human capital management to offer comprehensive and forward looking offshoring solutions to the tech, healthcare, and commerce space.

Name: Matthew Narciso

Position: Managing Director

Graduate Degree or certifications: Bachelor’s Degree – Oral Roberts

Languages Spoken: English

Industry Skills: business continuity planning, expansion, business development, client services 

Years in Industry: 10+

Specialty within industry: Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, insurance, eCommerce, heath-tech, FinTech, Multilingual 

Personality: High energy, naturally inquisitive, consummate planner. 

Motivation: family, and the desire to bring high quality careers to my two home countries, the US & the Philippines 

Work mantra: Thorough planning is the foundation of any successful endeavor 

BPO motto: Innovation and offshore economics are the two most potent tools in any businesses arsenal

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