Right when economies started reopening and businesses began preparing for massive rehiring efforts, an unprecedented trend called “The Great Resignation” emerged and took flight in 2021. Instead of screening candidates, companies found themselves dealing with massive resignations, significantly affecting their bottom line and threatening their future success.

SuperStaff tracked the issue from when it was first coined and through different headlines in the past year to get a complete picture of the rather-unusual phenomenon. Our in-depth research has allowed us to uncover what’s behind “The Great Resignation” —and, more importantly—present a logical solution to the issue.

Summary of Our Report

After more than a year of powering through a volatile labor market, many employers are still baffled by “The Great Resignation” and have difficulty overcoming talent shortages effectively. 

Our 34-page report offers recruiters and employers a 360-degree view of “The Great Resignation” wave and a road map to navigating its challenges. Gain an extensive understanding of the phenomenon that carved record-high resignation numbers in modern American history by deep-diving into the following topics:

  • What Is “The Great Resignation” Movement?
  • What Is Causing “The Great Resignation” Wave?
  • What Are the Effects of “The Great Resignation”?
  • The Top 7 Sectors Affected by “The Great Resignation” and How Offshoring Can Fill the Labor Gap
White Paper Cover - The Great Resignation

5 Key Takeaways From the Paper

#1: ‘The Great Resignation’ Has Created a Tougher Talent War

The significant imbalance between job openings and applicants has put employees in the driver’s seat and prompted employers to outdo each other in offering high wages, benefits, and other perks.

#2: ‘The Great Resignation’ Reflects Workers’ Desire for a Better Work Culture

Among the weighty drivers of “The Great Resignation” are pandemic burnout, desire for better work-life balance, and demand for a permanent remote or hybrid work model. These reflect employees’ desire for increased flexibility and freedom.

#3:  All Businesses Suffer Labor Shortages, but Some Sectors Face More Difficulties Than Others

While all businesses have felt the disruptions caused by labor shortages, the following industries faced more challenges: healthcare, customer support, data science and analytics, recruitment, technology, and legal.

#4: Outsourcing Can Help Businesses Address the Root Cause of Resignation

Companies take a significant load off their core employees by gaining access to a large workforce population through outsourcing. The arrangement afforded them a better work-life balance and a more favorable work condition.

#5: SuperStaff Has the Ideal Value Proposition for Companies Wanting to Outsource to the Philippines

With locations in key cities in North America, South America, and the Philippines, SuperStaff is best positioned to help businesses scale according to the U.S. labor market climate, reduce operating costs significantly, and focus resources on areas of greater strength.