Numbers Have Spoken: 38 Statistics Proving the Benefits of Multilingual Solutions for Businesses

Published: July 7, 2021
Statistics-proven Benefits of Multilingual Solution for Businesses
38 Statistics proven Benefits of Multilingual Solutions for Businesses

Expand Your Global Reach With Help From a Top Multilanguage Support Provider

A few years ago, quality products and bargain prices shaped the battleground for customer loyalty. Today, that landscape has changed. 

Competition is now all about customer experience. While price still matters, it is no longer enough to maintain a competitive edge. 

The reason is simple: Consumers now have endless options available at the tip of their fingers—literally. This trend is why it is imperative for businesses to possess the ability to connect to their customers on a personal level. 

According to the latest available report from NewVoiceMedia, 86% of customers are willing to do business with a brand if they can establish an emotional connection with a customer support agent. The first step to achieving this is by providing first-rate multilingual solutions. After all, you cannot establish a connection with your client if you can’t understand each other.

Surprisingly, many brands still fail to deliver a positive customer experience, and only a few contact centers offer multi-language support. This is true even to businesses that target B2B clients. Unfortunately, language barriers and cultural misunderstandings affect B2B deals and trade opportunities. 

If you are among the stakeholders who need convincing on the crucial role that language barriers play in destroying business, these figures would help you understand the significance of investing in the best multilingual solutions.

The figures have spoken. Customers want you to speak their language. Take advantage of the opportunity to penetrate the international market by providing multilingual solutions. 

SuperStaff BPO is here to help take your company global. We offer a diverse range of multilingual customer support services, including the most in-demand languages, across all channels. By outsourcing multilingual solutions in the Philippines, we have helped numerous businesses connect to their customers 24/7 while reducing their overhead. 

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