Celebrating World Tourism Day: How Outsourcing Can Help the Travel and Tourism Industry Rebound Post-Pandemic

Published: September 27, 2022
How Outsourcing Help Tourism Industry Recover Post Pandemic

The travel and tourism industry is among the world’s largest economic sectors, accounting for 7% of global trade before the COVID-19 crisis. Many countries rely on tourism to revitalize their economy, with some nations even owing 20% of their GDP to international tourism.

However, the pandemic created a massive disruption for businesses of all sectors, and the travel and tourism industry was among the most significantly affected. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the COVID-19 outbreak has put over 100 to 120 million tourism jobs at risk. The sector has also lost over $910 billion to $1.2 trillion because of worldwide travel restrictions. 

Hope on the Horizon: A Return to Form for the Travel and Tourism Sector

The good news is that global tourism is starting to bounce back from the pandemic’s effects.

At the beginning of 2022, international tourist arrivals doubled from the previous year, with some regions even experiencing a return to pre-pandemic levels. As more nations begin lifting their remaining travel restrictions, industry experts predict that international travel will continue rising throughout the year.

Even though the future looks brighter for the travel and tourism sector, many agencies still struggle to revive their business post-pandemic. In these situations, outsourcing can be a strategic solution to help travel agencies rebuild and regrow in the “new normal.”

In celebration of World Tourism Day, let’s look at how outsourcing can empower the travel and tourism industry today!

How Outsourcing Is Helping To Reinvigorate Post-COVID Travel and Tourism

How Outsourcing Reinvigorate Tourism Industry Post Pandemic

1. Build Resilience Amid Uncertainty

Suppose there is one thing that travel and tourism businesses can learn from the pandemic. In that case, it’s this: there will always be changes in the environment or economy that you cannot predict, but you must prepare your company for downturns by building operational resilience.

Resilience in the tourism sector means being able to bounce back quickly after facing challenges and difficulties, whether these may be typhoons, earthquakes, recessions, or a worldwide pandemic. And one effective way to build resilience is by embracing outsourcing, which helps travel companies reduce operating costs without sacrificing productivity and quality.

Research studies have found that outsourcing makes businesses more resilient because it offers increased flexibility and focus. Through outsourcing, travel and tourism companies can upgrade or downgrade their workforce without hassle. At the same time, in-house workers can focus on doing what they do best while outsourced employees handle their other administrative and support functions.

2. Foster Innovation and Digital Transformation

Since the start of the digital age, the travel and tourism sector has been one of the most consistent early adopters of new technologies, paving the way for digital progression and innovation in the industry. As such, travel businesses that want to remain competitive must continually keep up with the latest developments and trends.

The emergence of the global pandemic also accelerated the need for digital travel and tourism solutions. Consumers today crave convenience, wanting the option to book plane tickets and tour packages through smartphone apps or prepare travel documents for their next big vacation without leaving the comfort of their homes.

However, not every company has the means to facilitate digital transformation in-house easily. Thankfully, outsourcing can be an effective solution for smaller or medium-sized travel and tourism agencies that want to adopt digital technologies. The right BPO partner utilizes top-of-the-line technology to ensure that your operations run smoothly and seamlessly.

3. Scale Operations Depending on Consumer Demand

The travel and tourism sector is known for having substantial fluctuations in demand. After all, tourists often watch out for sudden bouts of bad weather, changing seasons, or even a country’s political climate shift before booking their next vacation.

Now, post-COVID, the travel and tourism industry is expected to rapidly increase customer demand, as people from all over the world rush for a chance to travel again after over two years of staying in lockdown. Industry analysts expect international tourist arrivals to reach 55% to 70% of pre-pandemic levels in 2022, improving by 90% to 140% compared to the previous year. 

How can travel companies prepare for the sudden influx of eager tourists? One effective strategy can be to turn to an outsourcing provider. Outsourcing enables companies to scale up their operations quickly and easily, helping them keep up with consumer demand without going through the time-consuming and expensive recruitment process.

What Outsourcing Services Can Travel and Tourism Agencies Utilize Post-Pandemic?

Services that Tourism Industry Can Outsource

Back-Office Support

Travel and tourism can involve much administrative work, from handling travel paperwork to booking flights and accommodations for tourists. By entrusting these repetitive and time-consuming tasks to outsourced professionals, you can reduce the workload of your in-house employees while still meeting seasonal increases in travel demand. 

The right BPO partner can help you with various back-office services, including outsourcing data entry and management, client scheduling, travel research and booking, and virtual executive assistant services.

Call Center Outsourcing

During summer, winter breaks, or holidays, travel and tourism companies may receive an influx of calls inquiring about rates or special booking deals. These agencies can outsource customer service to ensure that every customer gets the attention and service they deserve.

A reliable call center operates 24/7, working round-the-clock so that customers can reach your business, no matter where they live or what time of day they call. Your ideal outsourcing provider would also provide multilingual support, so international callers can communicate in the language they are most comfortable using.

Financial Service Outsourcing

In addition to ensuring that your travel company is operating smoothly and efficiently, you also need to ensure that your business is in good financial health. This is where financial service outsourcing can come in handy.

An outsourcing provider can help you monitor and track all financial transactions and help you make sound, data-driven business decisions. Travel and tourism businesses can entrust everything from accounting and bookkeeping to accounts receivable and accounts payable management to the right BPO partner.

Digital Marketing

Powerful and effective digital marketing is crucial to the success of a travel and tourism business. Think about it: How often have you seen pictures of a friend’s recent island paradise trip and felt the desire to book your holiday vacation? The same basic principle applies to travel and tourism marketing.

By having a solid online presence that taps into people’s desire to explore new and foreign lands, you can engage audiences and capture their interest, helping lead to a rise in local and international travel bookings. Enlisting the help of an outsourced digital marketing team, especially those specializing in content writing, can help give your travel and tourism agency the competitive edge it needs to stand out from the crowd. 

Revitalize Your Travel and Tourism Agency With Help From an Experienced Outsourcing Provider

As more countries reopen their borders and remove their remaining travel restrictions, are you prepared to make the most out of this opportunity and maximize the growth of your travel and tourism business? With SuperStaff’s expert guidance, you can do just that.

At SuperStaff, we offer a wide range of scalable outsourcing solutions, from multilingual call center support to digital marketing services. No matter your specific needs, our professional team can help you create a customized outsourcing strategy to meet your business goals.

Contact us today, and let’s talk about how our outsourcing team can assist you in navigating the “new normal.” Happy World Tourism Day!

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