Understanding the Data Science Outsourcing Process

Published: November 9, 2021
Data Science Outsourcing

Amid the era of disruptions and slowdowns, observers expect the global data analytics market to reach $132.90 billion by 2026. Data science is also among the most popular outsourced business functions today. Analysts also predicted that the global data science outsourcing market will reach $9.46 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 21.5% from its 2020 market value of $3.04 billion.  

Learn more about data science and how it can propel your business forward in the infographic below.

Data Science Outsourcing Simplified

Data Science Outsourcing Process Simplified

Why Do You Need to Outsource Data Science?

Fill Data Analytics Jobs Faster

“Machine learning, big data and data science skills are the most challenging to recruit for and can potentially create the greatest disruption if not filled.”

IBM’s The Quant Crunch

Every year, the demand for data analytics professionals increases by 29%. Despite the upward trend, the number of qualified professionals in the field only increases by 14% annually. The huge gap between the supply and demand of data scientists today makes it extremely hard for corporations to fill data science positions.

Data science outsourcing helps organizations scale up rapidly. Outsourcing providers are well versed in the trends and strategies that enhance and expedite talent acquisition. They are also equipped with the expertise to accurately assess the candidates’ competencies, a trait essential for filling roles as crucial as data scientists. 

Drive Innovation 

According to industry analysts, 90% of the data available today are unstructured and were created more than two years ago. While data has long been available, not all businesses have the expertise and resources to turn them into useful insights.

Data science outsourcing can empower your business with the latest technologies, ideas, and approaches used in the field. As an industry that thrives in responding to market shifts, the outsourcing sector is always on the driver’s seat when it comes to innovation. The insights that a forward-thinking data science outsourcing partner brings to the table can give you a solid edge over your competitors.

Save Time and Other Resources

Another significant benefit of data science outsourcing is instant access to the resources you need to reach business-impacting goals. It eliminates the lengthy and expensive pursuits of sourcing and training experts for each specific data science process

By leveraging the data science outsourcing provider’s expertise, infrastructure, and other resources, you can build cutting-edge technology without exhausting your budget and taking the focus off your business. 

Enhance Flexibility 

Data analytics is a fast and constantly evolving field. Data science outsourcing enables you to implement tailored solutions as needed. Unlike building an internal data analytics operation, outsourcing data analytics facilitates headcount, process, and protocol adjustments. This flexibility enables you to minimize risks and stay in control as you meet the fluctuating demands of your business.

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