Every industry is aiming to spend less and profit more at the same time. With outsourcing, this is possible for both small and large businesses! SuperStaff is here to give you vast outsourcing solutions for a variety of industries in the Philippines and the World.

Accounting and Finance Industry 

With over a decade of experience providing outsourced accounting and finance solutions, SuperStaff is your ideal partner to manage the bank without breaking it. Our services range from bookkeeping and accounting to billing and audit personnel. read more

E-Commerce Industry
SuperStaff provides eCommerce outsourcing solutions for your online store or business. Our offshore specialties include eCommerce web development, Digital Marketing, shopping cart support, e-Business customer service, logistics, and order management. read more

E-Learning Industry
Outsourcing educational processes are rapidly becoming the path to profitability for online educational institutions around the world. SuperStaff has taken notice of the phenomena, and as a result, are staffing online English teachers, online math teachers, online tutors, and other subject matter experts, as a way to reduce costs for learning platforms read more

Engineering and Architecture Industry
Keep the projects coming. Scale up your team quickly and cost-effectively! We provide high-quality services while keeping costs as competitive as possible.

IT Network and Telecommunications Industry 
In today’s interconnected and globalized economy, it is now a fact of life that Information Technology and Telecommunications are an essential part of doing any business regardless of the industry. read more

Health and Medical Industry
From medical transcription, medical billing, and coding to insurance claim processing, SuperStaff has over a decade of medical outsourcing experience. read more

Paralegal Industry
SuperStaff offers top-tier legal support solutions to companies in the US, Europe, and Australia. Leverage offshore economics to hire a legal transcriptionist, paralegal,  legal secretary, or corporate lawyer. read more

Public Relation and Media Industry
Properly leveraged PR requires a team that understands the true potential of social and virtual media. If you need such a team, we have it! read more

Real Estate Industry 
We got you covered with around the clock virtual agents. We offer you the manpower you need to perform tasks required by real estate companies.

Software and Mobile Application Industry 
Currently, software development, particularly in the area of front-end and back-end development, is a thriving industry. Many businesses today, regardless of industry, employ software engineers and application engineers to create and streamline systems and software for operations and client engagement. read more

Travel and Hospitality Industry
Our support agents are equipped with a specific set of skills that will make running travel and hospitality oriented businesses as progressively as possible.


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