Outsourcing to the Philippines: 5 Signs Pointing to Pampanga Being the Next Big BPO Destination

Published: June 30, 2022
Top 5 Reasons Why Pampanga is the Next BPO Destination

When the COVID-19 crisis struck and contributed to a tight labor market in the U.S., a movement within the Philippine outsourcing industry hinted at an interesting correlation. The country’s IT-BPO sector saw a 1.4% increase in revenue. The trend indicated that outsourcing to the Philippines could help U.S. companies future-proof their operations and stay afloat amid challenges.

Now that the world is starting to ease back into business post-pandemic, the Philippines’ BPO sector anticipates growth. And to accommodate more BPO investments, developers are quick to map out massive infrastructure projects, starting with a booming business district: Pampanga.     
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Thinking of Outsourcing to the Philippines? Here Are 5 Reasons Why Pampanga Holds a Wealth of Benefits for Businesses

Metro Manila has long been the primary outsourcing destination in the Philippines, being the most well-established business district and economic hub. However, the capital city has also become congested, creating problems with the Philippine government’s recent mandate to return to offices.

The good news is that Pampanga is shaping up to be an excellent alternative for businesses planning on offshoring to the Philippines. Let’s look at a few impressive developments in Pampanga and why more and more U.S. businesses see its potential as an outsourcing powerhouse.

1. Pampanga is being developed into the Philippines’ own Silicon Valley.

The Silicon Valley region in California is known for being a global hub of technology and innovation, and Pampanga is emerging as the Philippines’ version of this. Billionaire and tech entrepreneur Dennis Uy, who made a fortune with affordable home fiber internet services, is establishing his next big venture in his hometown Angeles City, Pampanga.

Uy plans to shape Pampanga into a true technology hub by establishing data centers and satellite hubs, and nurturing tech and business-minded students and entrepreneurs. These developments are welcome additions to the already growing outsourcing sector in the region. U.S. businesses looking for outsourcing services in the Philippines can enter Pampanga for greater access to top-of-the-line technologies and innovations.

2. There is a growing push for urban development in Pampanga.

As a way to decongest Metro Manila and provide a cleaner, more progressive environment for residents, businesses, and workers, former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo proposed a “Pampanga Megalopolis” project. This initiative will boost the economic development and growth of 19 municipalities and three cities in the province.

Building eco-friendly infrastructure and improving public transportation are among the project’s top priorities. These developments are meant to attract investors and uplift Pampanga’s emerging business district, creating more significant opportunities for companies considering outsourcing to the Philippines.

3. Clark is an investor-friendly economic hub.

The Clark metropolitan area in Pampanga was a former U.S. military base, benefitting from the infrastructures built by the American militaries from 1903 to 1992. It has modern telecommunication facilities, a steady electricity supply, sealed roads, tight security systems, and a built-in fiber-optic network. 

Because of Clark’s status as a freeport zone, many multinational businesses, including BPO companies in the Philippines, see it as an attractive location for their operations. Even well-established corporations like Samsung, Texas Instruments, and Yokohama have headquarters in this area. 

Additionally, Clark is a strategic location that’s easily accessible for businesses that want to establish operations within the freeport zone. It is close to Metro Manila and houses the Clark International Airport, making it easy for both local and international companies to visit their BPO partners in the area.

5 Reasons Why Pampanga is the Next BPO Destination

4. Pampanga is home to a wealth of high-skilled young workers.

In addition to having a booming business district with high-tech facilities, Pampanga also has easy access to a large pool of young professionals. In fact, the literacy rate in Pampanga is at 99.4%. Several premier universities are located in the province, creating a wealth of highly educated young people ready to enter the workforce.

Research has found that, by 2025, Gen-Z (people born between 1997 and 2012) workers will comprise 27% of the workforce, meaning that these young people will play a significant role in the future of work. Partnering with a BPO in Pampanga can allow your business to stay ahead of the curve, helping you accelerate innovation and growth by bringing more quality Gen-Z talents to your workplace.

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5. Angeles City is one of the fastest-developing cities for business.

There is another place in Pampanga that’s garnering attention for its potential as a growing economic hub: Angeles City. Much like the Clark metropolitan area, Angeles City has exceptional infrastructure, a large talent pool of highly educated workers, and fiber-optic internet connectivity. 

Angeles City has also opened facilities specifically targeting the BPO sector. Businesses thinking of outsourcing to the Philippines can easily shift their operations to the growing Angeles City, where real estate and labor are cost-effective, rather than take a chance in the more congested Metro Manila cities.

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