Nearshoring Python Developers from Colombia for Strategic AI Excellence

Published: December 4, 2023
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Python’s meteoric rise continues unabated, cementing its position as a powerhouse in software development. Its allure lies in the trifecta of simplicity, flexibility, and versatility, drawing businesses into its orbit.

Notable tech titans like YouTube, Google, Spotify, Pinterest, Netflix, and Dropbox wield Python’s prowess across their platforms. As the resonance of this programming language reverberates across industries, a new wave of companies is pivoting towards leveraging its capabilities.

But one thing stands in their way. Amidst the ongoing challenges posed by a persistent labor shortage and economic downturn, recruiting in-house IT python developers has become a formidable task. However, businesses can navigate this terrain resiliently by embracing nearshoring strategies and gaining access to a top-notch Python developer pool. This alternative approach mitigates the hurdles associated with the current employment landscape and ensures the acquisition of top-notch talent essential for the technological demands of today.

Understanding Python Development Services

Inspired by the BBC TV show “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” Python has transcended its origins to become a dominant force in the programming realm. Surveys indicate that 85% of developers primarily use Python in their projects. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a newcomer in the tech domain, understanding the intricacies of Python can open up a world of possibilities. 

So, what exactly is a Python programming language, and how will it benefit the business landscape? 

Its official website defines Python as an advanced, translated, object-centered language featuring flexible semantics. Unlike other programming languages, Python is multipurpose and may be deployed in any system that integrates data, codes, and mathematical computation. A survey revealed that most respondents (51%) leverage Python for data science and analysis. Owing to its versatility, the programming language can be used for various functions too, such as:

  • Web application development (43%)
  • Machine learning (36%)
  • System scripting (34%)
  • Educational purposes (27%)
  • Software testing (25%)

Besides, Python has a simple syntax, making learning accessible, especially for programming newbies. Combined with its vast library access, flexible programming format, and strong community support, it’s no wonder Python is the world’s third most popular programming language (49.28%). 

Let’s break down why increasingly more developers prefer Python:

Why Today’s AI Landscape Favors Python Developers?

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An infographic discussing why python developers are in demand in the AI landscape.

Simplicity and Consistency

Python’s beginner-friendly nature sets it apart from other programming languages. A 2023 case study supports this, citing Python as the most commonly used language among non-developers. Renowned for its sleek, concise, and readable code, it can shorten the learning curve and allow developers to translate their ideas into code flawlessly.

Moreover, Python empowers its programmers to concentrate on constructing dependable systems instead of grappling with complex technical details. Its syntax doesn’t necessitate recomposing or recompiling source code, enabling developers to swiftly edit and debug, efficiently assessing their work’s outcomes.

Access to Great Libraries and Frameworks

Writing code from scratch can be daunting, cumbersome, and time-consuming. With Python’s vast library and framework ecosystem, coders can equip themselves with pre-combined codes and the necessary tools to build a Python web application or other software in no time.

ML engineers and Python developers alike refer to a variety of frameworks and libraries, including:

  • Flask: A micro web framework used to develop lightweight web applications
  • Keras: A high-level, easy-to-use application programming interface (API) to solve ML issues.
  • Pandas: A Python library used for data analysis and manipulation. 
  • Django: A Python-based framework for encouraging minimalistic and pragmatic web design.
  • Scikit-learn: A library for data mining and analysis, enabling you to create a predictive data model that fits your own.

Flexible Programming Style

Not many languages can match Python’s adaptability to developers’ coding styles. It allows programmers to employ approaches or formats that best address particular problems, catering to their varying levels of expertise.

Its adaptable programming approach allows for seamless use across multiple platforms with minimal modifications, rendering it ideal for startups navigating sudden shifts in their business models. Moreover, developers can integrate Python with other languages, leveraging scripting or object-oriented programming techniques for seamless interoperability.

Strong Community Support

Python’s success story spans three decades, accruing immense goodwill and captivating the hearts of countless developers. Its excellence has magnetized a community of passionate individuals, solidifying Python’s position as the darling of coding languages.

Recently, its online repository has accumulated nearly 500,000 projects, signifying the support of its ever-growing user base. As a result, Python users can easily refer to online forums and platforms for guidance and solutions and avoid common Python errors when developing their artificial intelligence (AI) or ML projects.

How Outsourcing Python Developers Can Give You a Competitive Edge

Many leading U.S.-based companies seek Python experts to bridge the crucial gap and satisfy the ever-evolving business trends. In 2023, a global poll ranked Python third on the list of the most in-demand programming languages by recruiters. Moreover, the language accounts for 27.99 % of the market share, exceeding massive programming names like Jave, JavaScript, and C/C++. 

For a company geared towards digital transformation, Python software development must be at the forefront of your business strategies. Rather than burdening your in-house teams, delegating these specialized tasks to a reliable BPO partner is advantageous.

What makes hiring Python developers from a BPO company beneficial for your business?

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An infographic discussing how outsourced python developers can give your business a competitive advantage.

Access to a Global Pool

Staff shortages in the U.S. have worsened in 2023, with 75% of recruiters experiencing difficulties onboarding skilled employees. Notably, “IT & Data,” an essential aspect of Python development, stands out as the most sought-after technical expertise. Fortunately, 60% of recruiters are open to hiring internationally to fill the void and beat local skill shortages.

Given this landscape, seeking external help becomes crucial to accessing genuine tech expertise.

Outsourcing Python developers allows you to meet the demand of qualified developers by choosing from a diverse range of skilled developers with varied experiences and perspectives. After all, some of the best-skilled Python developers are usually scattered beyond your local borders who have traditionally worked on similar projects. This worldwide access will often translate to higher-quality work and innovative solutions. 

Cost-Efficiency and Scalability

Since Python development is a high-demand profession, it’s safe to assume that companies offer competitive rates to attract workers. With an average annual pay rate of $106,536, it ranks among the top-paying jobs in the tech industry.

Companies seek strategic solutions to bolster their Python development teams in uncertain times without overwhelming internal resources. One practical approach involves outsourcing to regions boasting favorable economic conditions.

Businesses can significantly reduce developer salary expenses by leveraging the pricing models offered by their outsourcing partners. This approach curtails salary costs and yields savings across multiple fronts, including employee benefits, taxes, training, recruitment, and onboarding.

Moreover, outsourcing allows companies the agility to swiftly scale their development teams in response to project demands without the enduring commitments entailed by in-house hires. This flexibility enables businesses to adjust team sizes as needed efficiently, aligning resources precisely with project requirements.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

In the fast-paced world of technology, speed often dictates success. However, relying solely on in-house Python specialists may pose challenges. Their availability might be limited due to existing project commitments or unexpected events, potentially derailing project timelines, especially when working against tight deadlines.

To mitigate such risks, consider the leap towards outsourcing your Python development tasks to proficient specialists. Outsourced developers can dedicate their entire focus to your project, ensuring a streamlined development cycle and expediting time-to-market, all without compromising output quality.

Accelerating your product’s entry into the market not only aids in meeting deadlines but also reduces competition. Embracing outsourcing can be the catalyst to gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Focus on Core Competencies

While Python coding may be novice-friendly, you still need time to learn about it. In your case, time is a luxury. Dedicating extensive time to learning Python might jeopardize the necessary attention to other critical facets of your business.

Grant yourself peace of mind by entrusting the development and maintenance of Python-based applications to the hands of specialists while still possessing complete control over the project. 

Doing so allows you to refocus your internal resources on your core competencies, such as leadership and marketing planning. Concentrating on your unique value propositions and initiatives will increase your conversions and strengthen your foothold in the market.

Skill Gap Mitigation

Modern companies rely heavily on sourcing, cultivating, and retaining the right mix of skills, resources, and competencies to thrive. This is why hiring the right Python developer is never an easy task. Businesses must be agile in balancing what they need, staying up-to-date with the latest trends, and keeping up with their budget. A delay in the process can easily trigger a negative shift in your workforce dynamic and lead to a crucial gap.

Fortunately, businesses can leverage the advantages of Python development outsourcing.

External support allows companies to tap into a wealth of human resources who are up to speed on the current industry trends, ensuring that the technology stack used is cutting-edge, efficiently implemented, and under the Python code standards. They’ll also provide a holistic perspective of your business, which is beneficial in spotting opportunities and challenges in the IT realm.

Flexibility in Project Management

The business world is so turbulent and volatile that even the fiercest players are uncertain about the upcoming markets, advancements, and workforce behavior. As companies sail through these unchartered waters, they must learn to adjust and venture into different opportunities as the project progresses. 

This is where outsourcing has your back.

Your dedicated Python specialists can select the right tools, combining several components to cater to your project’s unique needs regardless of the circumstances. Moreover, you’re amenable to different outsourcing models — between a complete takeover or a collaborative approach — and then seamlessly integrating outsourced developers with their in-house teams.

Advantages of Nearshoring Python Developers from Colombia

Are you looking to outsource your Python development capabilities and refresh your staff pipeline? Colombia nearshoring can be a strategic move. Emerging as a leading tech haven in Latin America, the nation stands out as a gem in the Python realm among its rivalries.

So, what can this nearshoring solution bring to the table?

Proximity with a Time Zone Advantage

Dubbed the “Gateway of South America,” Colombia’s geographical advantage is an acclaimed trade hub connecting Central and South America. The nation’s geography also benefits most U.S. companies from a nearshoring standpoint due to its significant time zone overlap.

For instance, the U.S. is only one to two hours ahead of Colombia. That way, both remote teams can synchronously coordinate with each other through video conferences or instant messaging, fortifying work engagement and boosting productivity.

Cultural Affinity and Collaboration

The U.S. and Colombia share the same devotion to promoting peace, economic growth, and democracy in their respective regions. One of its efforts is engaging in a Fulbright exchange program to support Colombia’s bilingual initiatives and explore the diverse U.S. cultures.

Diplomatic cooperation enriches cultural ties and understanding, allowing Colombian professionals to embrace U.S. cultural traits, work ethics, and communication styles. This cultural affinity fosters a collaborative environment where teams can work cohesively towards common goals, reducing misunderstandings and enhancing the overall project experience.

Access to a Robust Staffing Pool

Colombia boasts a thriving tech ecosystem with a pool of skilled Python developers. According to a 2023 study, Colombian learners place second in LatAm and sixth worldwide for tech competence, scoring high in skills like system operations (99%), computer networking (98%), and computer programming (94%).

Furthermore, the country’s universities and tech education programs provide a steady supply of well-trained professionals, allowing international companies to hire highly qualified Python programmers for their specific project needs.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Keeping your budget lean is the key to unlocking desired outcomes despite being in an economic limbo. Instead of taking a gamble and hiring new staff, opt for a more cost-efficient solution and nearshore your Python programming roles to Colombia — the go-to strategy for optimizing development budgets and earning a higher return on investment.

Colombia’s overall operational expenses are typically low, further marking down the average salary of Python developers in the country. For instance, the monthly average wage of Python developers in Bogota, Colombia is $1,653.14, while in Mexico (a nearshoring powerhouse) is $8,459. So, with a fraction of the cost of your employee’s salary, you’ll already gain access to well-trained and high-level developers.

Language Proficiency

The Colombian Ministry of Education (MEN) has launched several initiatives and policies to strengthen English mastery and regulate English language instruction for years. In doing so, MEN has adopted the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to assess and hone students’ English proficiency holistically. Due to the government’s diligent effort, the nation has climbed two English Proficiency Index (EPI) ranks.

As English proficiency becomes widespread, particularly among the tech workforce, nearshore teams and their clients will minimize language barriers, ensuring smooth communication and development processes.

Government Support for the Tech Industry

Thanks to its government’s continued reformation and digitalization efforts, Colombia’s tech industry is making waves across the region, further boosting economic growth and improving the business environment. 

How did the LatAm nation make a name for themselves in the tech world? Here are some of its efforts: 

  • Enacted the ICT Sector Modernization Law (Law 1978 of 2019) to bridge digital gaps, hone the IT sector, and develop innovative projects and infrastructure
  • Developed a comprehensive plan for implementing fifth-generation (5G) technology

The government’s active support has laid the foundation for tech companies and professionals to flourish, making Colombia an attractive destination for nearshoring Python development projects.

Achieve AI Excellence With a Nearshore Team of Python Developers

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