Have you ever imagined visiting with your doctor despite being in a different city? How about a surgeon discussing a patient’s options with them from the other side of the planet? In this week’s Outsourcing RoundUp, we give you a glimpse of how the healthcare industry adapted to the pandemic and what to expect in 2021.

Here are ten blog posts discussing Telemedicine and how it is shaping the future of healthcare
SuperStaff Outsourcing Roundup Monday

What One Health System Learned About Providing Digital Services in the Pandemic – Harvard Business Review

Marc Harrison, CEO of Intermountain Healthcare from Salt Lake City, shares seven lessons they learned about the importance of technology in providing health care services.

Patients’ likes & dislikes about telemedicine: 5 things to know – Becker’s Hospital Review

A go-to source of healthcare decision-makers, Beckers Hospital Review, talks about patient’s feedback on having a remote doctor during a consultation – one of which is having a more attentive doctor during a telemedicine session.

How can Telemedicine Help My Practice? – Medical Billers and Coders

The goal of telemedicine is to provide healthcare in rural areas. Telemedicine is a useful tool in practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical Billers and Coders highlights the benefits of telemedicine for medical practitioners.

Research highlights benefit of telemedicine for stroke treatment – PharmaTimes Online

Being able to see and diagnose a patient during a video call helps paramedics to identify stroke symptoms quickly. Selina McKee provides an in-depth insight into how Facetime can now be used to assess stroke patients promptly.

7 predictions for how technology will shape healthcare in 2021 – TechRepublic

With 5G continuously rolling out, we are expecting more and more opportunities for telemedicine. 2021 is expected to be more patient-centric, according to TechRepublic’s prediction for healthcare, the COVID-19 vaccine, and more! 

Telemedicine in Heart Failure During COVID-19: A Step Into the Future – Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine

Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine is a global peer-reviewed medical journal that published an article on the many applications of telemedicine for patients with heart failure. Read more on how patients can be monitored at home, have a remote follow-up, and telerehabilitation.

Healthcare 2020: Disruptions due to COVID-19, rise of telemedicine, and other key trends – YourStory

Want to know how Digitization of Healthcare is growing in India? YourStory touches on COVID-19 as a game-changer in the acceleration of telemedicine along with other trends we should expect in 2021.

How Telehealth is Expanding OB/GYN Care in Rural Communities – GlobalMed

In GlobalMed’s article, we see how OB/GYN patients benefit from telemedicine. Women in areas where access to OB/GYN clinics is difficult will finally have access to professional care. Read on to know how telemedicine is transforming women’s health.

Telemedicine, for effective disease management – The Hindu Business Line

K Madan Gopal of The Hindu Business Line talks about tech platforms breaking barriers in providing health care in India. Being the second-most populous country in the world, India faces a significant challenge in healthcare. Thanks to the different platforms, healthcare is more accessible to people.

The Year Ahead: Telehealth in 2021 – Will Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot? – JDSUPRA

Arnall Golden Gregory LLP writes on the rapid expansion of telehealth and changes in the American healthcare system. Telehealth is giving birth to new codes and standards in the Health Department in 2021.

More and more industries are adopting a remote working environment, and the healthcare industry is adapting, too. With these changes in mind, have you considered if your business is ready to cover all the bases?

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