Established in 2009 to provide technical support for a healthcare and technology company, SuperStaff has now grown from a small, internal operation into a global provider of technical and customer support. We help companies reduce cost, expand technical capabilities, and fortify scalability. After more than a decade of collaborating with enterprises in various industries, we now have also added back-office services, sales and marketing support, technical expert support, and recruitment support to the list of services that we offer.

SuperStaff embraces innovation and strives for continuous improvement to deliver tangible results. Driven by the belief that outsourcing is more than just about reducing overhead expenses, but breaking free of boundaries by delocalizing workforces, we provide excellent offsite staff with onsite capability. With a rich pool of talent and the right technology, we gladly provide efficiency and measurable value for our partner companies.

What SuperStaff Offers

What SuperStaff offers

The services that we offer can be placed in four categories. The first is customer service and technical support. We are prepared to engage with customers through various channels, and our agents are dedicated and cross-trained to manage client communications through email, over the phone, via chat, and even through social media. We ensure that all interactions are careful, clear, friendly, and rich in information. Our agents are always ready to answer questions and promptly solve problems.

Knowing that back-office functions are essential for any business, we offer solutions that help reduce costs while focusing on our partner company’s core competencies. These include accounting, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, fraud prevention, data management, claims processing, content services, and human resources.

As a company’s needs are always changing, we have developed highly responsive and effective solutions to meet evolving personnel challenges. Our talent acquisition specialists provide excellent recruitment process outsourcing, and can help an HR department to source, vet, interview, and hire the best candidates in an industry. We provide dedicated sourcing, offsite recruiters, and ATS managers.

We also offer services in programming and development, providing full-time and dedicated specialists with advanced training and education. We can source and manage the best talent in the Philippines to build a team of experts to fortify an enterprise. Our services range from full-stack programming and design, to software development, to various programming languages that are currently used.

Partnering with SuperStaff

Partnering with SuperStaff

So that we can provide our partners with the best services, our programs are organized to provide optimal efficiency to meet our clients’ Service Level Agreements. Our campaigns are composed of dedicated customer support agents, team leaders who manage performance, and program managers to oversee the operations.

When you partner with us, we set up an implementation call between our launch team and your company to begin the onboarding process. In a nutshell, this is how the onboarding process works: after the agreement for execution is signed, and the proper payments and deposits have been made, a strategy call will be organized. Included in this call are the departments that handle Operations, Training, and Recruitment so that the Service Level Agreement, Timelines, and Campaign Launch can be discussed.

Afterward, recruitment will begin so our Recruitment Department can seek out the best agents for the campaign. This then leads to the actual campaign launch.

Launching a Campaign

Launching a Campaign

The first step is recruitment. We start seeking out the best people for the campaign the day after the partnership is finalized. The entire recruitment process takes an average of 14 days.

Technology coordination is done in tandem with the recruitment process. Our IT, Development, and Infrastructure teams immediately begin setting up the necessary networks, telephony, and hardware based on the Service Level Agreement.

All the onboarded agents will be enrolled in a training course specific to the needs of the campaign. Timelines vary depending on the client, but these usually last from 7 to 14 days. Afterward, the campaign will be launched, and the agents who graduate from the training course will be assigned to handle live tasks and other responsibilities.

Depending on the difficulty of the tasks, a nesting stage of 1-60 days is designated for each campaign. During the nesting stage, each agent will be evaluated on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This allows us to further optimize the training of agents as they are evaluated during live customer interaction. Furthermore, this ensures that Service Level Agreements, Key Performance Indicators, and all other targets are met by the end of the nesting.

Innovation Amidst Crisis

Innovation Amidst Any Crisis

SuperStaff continues to strive for growth and excellence, in order to provide the best service for our partners. Even amidst a pandemic, we have nearly tripled in size and have expanded our coverage area across North America and the Asia Pacific. In the outsourcing industry, innovation is what makes a company stand out from the rest. Our decade of experience proves that we are able to adapt to any challenge, and our track record shows that we can thrive in any industry, and under any circumstance.

We believe that “BPO” doesn’t just mean “Business Process Outsourcing,” but also “Business Problem Outsourcing.” Outsourcing is not just about finding cheaper offshore options for individual business units; it is about the collaboration between two companies, to find the best solutions to all problems.

Though there will always be unforeseen challenges, how we respond is what sets us apart. We choose to always emerge stronger and instead examine all possible avenues for evolution during a crisis. In prioritizing innovation and the growth of our human capital, we live to not just fight another day but instead revolutionize the outsourcing industry.

With SuperStaff, you can be confident that we will provide the best solution to your every need. Our philosophy is to provide outsourcing that elevates. Our experience with reimagining systems and models have led to over ten years of smart reinvention. Our home in the world’s outsourcing capital boasts of modern infrastructure and a rich talent pool. We do not just duplicate a function offshore—we evaluate challenges to develop a comprehensive plan with the right people, the right technology, and the right processes for your organization.

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