Top 5 US Companies That Found Success Through Outsourcing Services in the Philippines

Published: December 20, 2021
Top 5 Successful US companies that outsource in the Philippines

Offshore business process outsourcing is a lot more common among American companies than you think. U.S. organizations of all sizes and industries opt for outsourcing services to improve the productivity and efficiency of their operations, all while saving on costs. 

Many of these well-established U.S. companies choose outsourcing in the Philippines. This article will look at five big players that utilize different types of outsourcing solutions and have found great success in their respective industries.

Top 5 US Companies Owing Their Growth to Outsourcing Services in the Philippines

What do so many of America’s most successful businesses have in common? The answer: They all utilize outsourcing services. Check out how these powerhouses use outsourcing to their advantage:

#1: Google

Even tech giants need the support, staffing flexibility, and innovation that outsourcing services can provide. In fact, Google has reported having more outsourced workers than direct employees, and many of their contract workers are from the Philippines. To remain competitive year after year, Google hires temps, contractors, and vendors to allow them to access the skills, knowledge, and expertise they may not have in-house.

Google opts for outsourcing in the Philippines to fill support roles and specialized positions because of the access to quality talent at cost-effective rates. Their Manila office is responsible for much of the company’s success, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. From IT outsourcing services to data analytics, Google’s Filipino outsourced workers can handle them all.

What Is IT Outsourcing?

Information Technology or IT outsourcing is when businesses hire third-party providers to handle their IT-enabled processes. Some examples of IT outsourcing services include technical support and help desk, network security, cloud computing, and IT consulting.

What Is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the process of analyzing raw information to help businesses make better and more informed decisions. Companies like Google outsource their data analytics to generate actionable insights crucial to significant business decisions. 

#2: American Express

Tech companies are not the only businesses that benefit from outsourcing services. American Express, a well-known and renowned credit card company, also works with BPO companies in the Philippines and other parts of the globe to access much-needed support for their in-house workers.

By outsourcing non-core tasks to offshore companies, American Express can focus on its main areas of expertise, help facilitate growth in international trade, and compete across global markets more vigorously. All the while, their back-office solutions are handled by capable outsourced providers. American Express outsources the majority of its customer support and collection services to the company’s Philippine office.

What Are Back-Office Solutions?

Back-office operations are types of outsourcing services where a company’s administrative and support functions are performed by an outsourced team offshore. Financial organizations like American Express outsource collection services to reduce delinquencies and streamline cash flow operations. Customer support outsourcing services are also essential for this industry because they help build trust with clients, which in turn help improve the company’s bottom line.

#3: Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is another well-known financial institution that works with BPO companies in the Philippines. This multinational company outsources its operations to a wide pool of dedicated professionals in the Asian country, taking on various roles specific to the finance industry. Some of the tasks Wells Fargo has outsourced to Filipino workers include fraud management, financial accounting, payroll, customer support, and more.

What Are Outsourcing Services Specific to the Finance Industry?

One example of these types of outsourcing services is accounting, which involves keeping a detailed record of all of the company’s financial transactions. Another example is fraud management, where an outsourced team assesses fraud risks within an organization and creates programs to prevent fraud.

#4: UnitedHealth Group

In addition to tech companies and financial institutions, another sector that benefits from outsourcing services is the healthcare industry. UnitedHealth Group, in particular, has been known for outsourcing its operations to BPO companies in the Philippines. Some of the functions they outsource to their offshore team include customer service, project management, engineering, analytics, and various healthcare functions.

What Is Healthcare Outsourcing?

Healthcare outsourcing services are various outsourcing solutions provided by BPO companies to organizations in the healthcare sector. These services help healthcare facilities reduce costs, fortify scalability, and expand their technical capabilities. Some examples of healthcare outsourcing tasks include medical coding and billing, medical transcription, insurance claim processing, and more.

#5: Facebook

That’s right, even social media giants like Facebook utilize outsourcing services to their advantage! Since Facebook relies on user-generated content, people from anywhere around the globe can share posts, videos, and images on the platform. The problem lies when some of this content break community guidelines and pose harm to others. This is why Facebook partners with BPO companies in the Philippines for help with content moderation.

What Is Content Moderation?

Content moderation refers to the act of reviewing and moderating content posted on social media platforms. These moderators often filter and delete posts considered inappropriate, dark, violent, or offensive and keep these from circulating in social media.

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