6 Key Trends and Statistics to Drive Your Recruitment Strategies

Published: January 14, 2020
Recruitment Process

In recent years, especially in light of talent shortages, the recruitment industry has become a more candidate-driven market. In years past, recruiters and staffing agencies held more control during the job application process. Today, candidates have far more power during the hiring process than ever before.  

This shift is one of the reasons why understanding and measuring recruitment operations processes is crucial to your success. Industry metrics and current trends can guide your business on how to acquire the most sought-after talent, the amount of time it takes to find these candidates, and the resources included in the process. 

Additionally, keeping up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry can help you see whether your recruitment tactics are updated or antiquated. Remember, your recruitment strategies should help you refine and fast-track your process, lower costs, and boost efficiency. 

To keep you ahead of the game, here is a list of 2020 recruitment trends and statistics that will impact your hiring process. Are you ready to apply this new set of trends, or will you dare risk being a casualty of the talent war?

Rise of Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding

Recruiters are a lot like marketers insomuch that they also attract the right prospects and nurture the acquisition process. Organizations are starting to integrate marketing methods and practices in their strategies to ensure that the right candidates are choosing them as their next employer. This process also brings significant improvements to the candidate’s experience and engagement with the company. 

Recruitment marketing is also an efficient way to attract passive candidates, which make up 70% of the global workforce. Although passive candidates are not actively submitting job applications, they are your next best option after active job seekers. The fact that they already have a job is a positive indication that they are desirable workers.

Companies are also working hard to position their organization as more than just a traditional corporate brand. That’s why they implement employer branding strategies to boost their reputation, establish value proposition, and rise above the competition. Businesses with a poor reputation not only struggle to find exceptional talent but also find it difficult to retain employees.

The Upsurge of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Hiring managers know the challenges of recruiting. For companies who struggle with finding the right candidates within an acceptable time period, working with a recruitment process outsourcing partner can ensure your hiring practices are up to par. 

RPO agencies are equipped with the right tools. They are also highly capable of finding the right candidates who match the culture of the company and have the right soft and hard skills down to a T. Such candidates tend to stay longer. They also do more than just fill your open positions—the right RPO partner can help you refine your organization’s overall recruitment process. 

On the Lookout for Soft Skills

There is nothing soft about soft skills, and companies are more aware of the vital role it plays. 

Soft skills are equally, or arguably, more important to look for in candidates than hard skills. In fact, 89% of talent professionals say that when a new employee fails to work out, it’s because they don’t have the critical soft skills. These skills are also vital in shaping healthy and positive company culture.

There are different methods to evaluate a candidate for soft skills during the hiring process. Some of the most common ways are behavioral questions, situational questions, tech-based evaluation, body language, and team-oriented project simulations.

Dependency on HR Automation

Automation functions, such as employee messaging, setting up benefits, and payroll, have long existed in the labor market. However, these are only on the surface. 

Recruitment marketing tools and applicant tracking software are now making it easier for hiring professionals to find, attract, engage, nurture, and convert prospects to become applicants. Incorporating these tools and solutions makes the recruitment process a lot faster and easier, beating your non-tech savvy competitors in reaching out to candidates. 

Hiring Talents Through Social Recruiting Strategies

Social recruiting will continue to rise as a popular recruitment trend in 2020. This HR tactic takes advantage of using social media channels for finding, attracting, building relationships, and hiring the right talent. The possibilities of social recruiting are limitless. Make sure that you develop a good strategy and use reliable social media management software to become successful at social recruiting.

Social media has become a powerful hiring channel that allows the creation of one-on-one engagements that make candidates feel valued. Social recruiting goes beyond posting open positions on your company’s social account. You can post your ads on groups, use hashtags, and leverage premium LinkedIn and Facebook accounts to find promising candidates.

Candidate Experience Now a Key Recruitment Factor

Candidate experience pertains to their attitude, behavior, and feelings during your hiring process. How your candidates perceive your company’s recruitment process means more than you can imagine. It has become an essential hiring aspect and metric.

To put it simply, think of it as marketing your company to potential customers. The goal is to guide them throughout the buyer’s journey to inspire an action (to purchase or convert). In terms of hiring, the goal is for them to accept your job offer, reapply in the future, or spread their positive experience. A positive candidate experience can position your brand in a good light. Conversely, a poor candidate experience can cost you qualified applicants.

Improve the Way You Find, Attract, and Interact with Top Talents

The HR landscape is an ever-evolving field. Companies no longer get to pick their talent so unilaterally anymore. Today, job seekers make a shortlist of their potential employers and select the best one for them. Update your methods and refine your strategy for a more effective, efficient, and successful recruitment process. 

Take note of these trends to stay on top of your competitors and work with the best talent your market has to offer. Know that HR automation solutions and other trends are meant to support and enhance your strategies. Welcome 2020 with an updated approach and start attracting the right talent! Contact us and let our recruitment experts help you win the talent war.

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