What Role Does Content Writing Play in Your E-commerce Sales Funnel?

Published: November 17, 2021
Content Writing Boost ECommerce Sales

Content serves as your customers’ brand guide as they journey in the crowded and noisy digital space. Incorporating a solid content writing strategy in your e-commerce conversion funnel helps prevent your customers from getting lost in the massive internet maze (or worse, landing on your competitor’s e-commerce site.) 

An e-commerce sales or conversion funnel is the visual representation of the path taken by a potential consumer. It outlines the stages that customers go through, from awareness to the actual purchase of your product or service. 

Marketers and businesses utilize professional content writing services to push the audience to move from one stage of the funnel to another, converting them from prospects to leads until they become clients eventually.

Content Writing for Different Stages of the Conversion Funnel

4 Common Stage of E-Commerce Sales Funnel

Stage 1: Awareness Stage

Content writing plays a crucial role in introducing your market to your product. An effective content writing strategy drives consumer engagement, website traffic, and word-of-mouth advertising more than any other technique. 

It is, therefore, no surprise that the content marketing industry is expected to reach up to $412.8 billion in 2021, with 82% of companies actively using the strategy. Companies that blog also gain 67% more leads per month compared to those that don’t. 

But how do you specifically drive consumer awareness through content writing? Below are two of the best practices employed by content writing agencies

How SEO Content Writing Service Providers Raise Brand Awareness

Producing SEO Blogs That Rank High in Google

Nothing affects audiences and drives word-of-mouth advertising than a well-written, relevant, and engaging piece of content. Content writing professionals promote brand awareness through designated newsletter platforms by coming up with blogs that offer useful information to your target market.

But for your content to reach your audiences, it has to rank on Google. No matter how informative and well-written your blog may be, if your desired audience can’t read it, it will not help. This part highlights the importance of engaging a provider that specializes in SEO content writing services.

Content writing professionals know how to meet search engines’ technical and keyword optimization requirements without sacrificing quality and creativity. 

Promoting Blogs Through Facebook and Other Social Media Ads

Another way content writing agencies build brand awareness is by maximizing blog exposure through Facebook ads and other social media ads. With about 4.8 billion people actively engaging in social media, these platforms offer marketers equally enormous opportunities and challenges.  

This reason is why many brands outsource content writing. From writing magnetic headlines to spot-on descriptions, content writing pros know how to captivate audiences’ curiosity and interest, enabling your piece to stand out in the ultra-crowded social media space.    

Stage 2: Interest

Once your customers enter the interest phase, it is necessary to sustain or further convince them to move to the next stage. At this point, consumers are usually researching for a solution to a need, whether tangible or intangible. 

Your content writing goal for this stage is to pique the interest of consumers and persuade them to learn more about your brand. This approach enables you to build a relationship with your consumer and, at the same time, push them toward the end or at least the next stage of the funnel. 

A Rule of Thumb According to Content Writing Service Professionals

With the amount of advertising that bombard them daily, consumers tend to shut out in-your-face advertising. Additionally, at this stage, most consumers are still weighing options and are not yet ready to jump to the checkout page. 

Expert content writers know how to subtly promote your products and convince them that you have the solution to their problems. Here are some ways SEO content writing professionals sustain consumer interest without sounding pushy:

  • Informing consumers about the benefits of your product through e-mail marketing 
  • Encouraging the audience to visit your website 
  • Including relevant and irresistible call-to-action statements on blogs 

Stage 3: Desire

At this point, the consumers already have a desire to buy your products or services. Despite this, it is still not guaranteed that you can close a deal.

With endless options consumers have at their fingertips, customers can easily change their minds and switch to another brand if they are not convinced that you provide the solution they need—case in point, the abandoned carts.

A website content writing service provider can help you seal the deal by coming up with rock-solid content for the following:

  • About Page – It takes an expert content writer to craft an engaging About page that highlights your unique selling proposition and positions you as an industry authority—without failing to put a spotlight on the benefits that your customers will gain.
  • Homepage – Site visitors spend only an average of 5.59 seconds on written texts. Content writing specialists can develop concise yet compelling Homepage content that draws attention, conveys your message, drives your desired actions, and more.
  • Product Pages – With 81% of consumers conducting online research before a purchase, having a detailed product description is a must. Product-related content also drives up to three times more leads, provided that it optimizes the right keywords and that you invest time in producing content consistently. A full-service content writing agency can help you in this area.
  • Abandoned Cart Email Campaign – While a staggering 69% of e-commerce shoppers abandon purchases, sending a timely email with reassuring content is proven to save about 50% of abandoned carts. 
  • Highly Targeted Emails – With consumers’ high expectations for a personalized experience, it is no surprise why segmented campaigns drive up to a 760% revenue increase. Companies that offer targeted email content writing services help you develop content that resonates with your targeted segments’ gender, location, demographics, or behavior. 

Stage 4: Action

This stage is where your customers are ready to make a purchase. At this point, your content writing strategy should be directed not just at guaranteeing the sale but also in ensuring that your customers get enough support to use your product or service successfully.

By doing so, you can enhance their experience and entice them to re-engage and even become loyal to your brand. Some of the best practices you can employ to nurture your relationship with existing customers are:

  • Creating an FAQ page that addresses all common questions customers have about your product, service, or company
  • Building a user-friendly help desk page 
  • Sending out specialized newsletters

E-commerce KPIs Where Content Writing Is Crucial

Are you meeting your business goals and objectives? Incorporating content writing in your e-commerce strategies can help improve key metrics performance. Here are some ways how:

  • Website Traffic – Articles and blogs are excellent sources of website traffic. Tapping a savvy SEO content writing service provider is a great strategy to increase website traffic and improve search engine rankings.     
  • Ad Impressions/Ad Frequency – Along with an eye-catching design, a  well-thought-out copy is imperative if you envision your ads to be a magnet for views and clicks. 
  • Pages per Sessions Higher pages per session imply audience engagement, and compelling content plays a significant role in this area. From building a content hub to crafting posts that keep readers wanting more, content writing experts can help you improve this metric.
  • Bounce Rate While many factors affect a site’s bounce rate, poorly written and presented content can instantly prompt visitors to head through the exit door. 

Professionals who offer website content writing services don’t just write first-rate copy. They also know how to format texts to make them visually appealing through effective use of headlines, lists, and other best practices in content writing. 

  • Average Session Duration Great storytelling can make a difference in capturing consumers’ short attention span. A savvy content writing specialist knows how to create a hook and sustain interest until the end. They also organize a content structure for maximum readability, prompting the audience to spend more time on your site. 
  • Click-Through Rate – An ad content or copy interchangeable with companies that offer the same services like yours is less likely to entice the audience to click. Content writing experts can craft unique content that creates value-based connections, enabling your ad to stand out from the sea of competitors vying for that illustrious click. 
  • Email List Growth Rate – While growing an email list involves more than one strategy, having compelling content that highlights the value you create for your audience has a significant role in encouraging more users to fill that opt-in form.
  • Email Open Rate The average benchmark for email open rate in 2020 is 18.0%. If your campaign is falling way behind this number, consider tapping an outsourced content writing provider. From creating irresistible subject lines to sending the email at the right day and time, professionals are equipped with the techniques to entice readers to open your email. 
  • Email Click-Through Rate (CTR) – If your email click-through rate is high, it is a good indication that your audiences find your content relevant and are taking action. But email click-through rate is the most challenging metric to meet, with 52% of marketers struggling in this area. Outsourcing content writing to a provider specializing in this field is a smart option if you need to improve your email CTR.
  • Email Conversion Rate – When executed right, email campaigns can drive up to 4,200% ROI. The first thing you need to work on is forming a personal connection with your audience. Content writing specialists conduct in-depth research about your audience, enabling them to create messages that appeal to your target’s interests, mindsets, preferences, and more.
  • Social Media Engagement – Want to increase likes, comments, or applause? Coming up with share-worthy content should be among your priorities. An experienced outsourced content writing provider is your ally in this area.

A Full-Service Content Writing Agency and More

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