2020 has been a year of disruption for the outsourcing and BPO industry a year that has seen a dramatic change in the way we work and communicate. In this week’s outsourcing round-up, industry experts share their advice on trends and key outsourcing practices.

SuperStaff Outsourcing Roundup Monday

Ten posts about how outsourcing trends are changing in 2021

11 Customer-Experience-Related Predictions For 2021 — Forbes

The digital customer experience is here to stay, and the call center industry will even play a more significant role in the year to come. In this article, Adrian Swinscoe from Forbes compiled a series of predictions in customer experience trends for 2021. 

The Next Normal | What does 2021 hold for the BPO Industry? — ThinScale

ThinScale hosted a webinar with an all-star panel of experienced professionals in the outsourcing sector. This blog is a summary of the key takeaways for 2020 and insights into 2021.

Why outsource your recruitment? — European Recruitment

Recruitment is one of the most time-consuming and expensive parts of running a business. Rhea from EU Recruitment discussed why you might want to consider outsourcing the recruitment process to be handled by a professional company. 

CJRS Extended: How Offshore Team Members Are Taking Care of the Payroll Hassles for Accountants’ — QX Accounting Services

The UK Government decided to extend the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) until 31st March 2021, but what does this mean to offshore accountants? In this article, QX Accounting Services shed light on how the right outsourcing provider can help navigate the payroll process’s complexities under the Furlough Scheme.

HR Outsourcing trends to help plan your business in 2021 — Partners

HR outsourcing is an ever-evolving arena, as businesses are continuously researching and introducing new practices to meet their employees’ changing needs. John Huntington of Partners discussed some of the key trends in HR outsourcing and how it can help your company succeed in 2021.

What just happened? 12 months in lettings — ARPM

Rental values in the UK rose by 2.3% between January 2019 and January 2020, according to a new report from the lettings company HomeLet. In this article, ARPM summarizes what happened in the past 12 months and what to expect in 2021. 

Outsourcing Trends in Construction for 2021 — The Manufacturer

The construction industry is renowned for using new and innovative technologies while staying one step ahead of market trends, and outsourcing has also become more common than ever in the industry. In this article, The Manufacturer shares the key emerging trends of outsourcing construction in 2021.

IT Outsourcing Trends in 2020: Emerging Outsourcing Destinations for Small Businesses — Daxx

According to a study, the global IT outsourcing market is growing at a faster rate than the global economy over the next five years. This article from Daxx identified the emerging IT outsourcing trends and what would dominate the global market in 2021. 

Staying Trendy in 2021: What Software Outsourcing Trends to Expect — IDAP

IDAP researchers reported that outsourcing is set to become an integral part of the global IT industry in the year to come. 2021 will witness intensifying cooperation of outsourcing companies. Find out more on what to expect in software outsourcing in this article. 

Two Trends to Watch During Latin America’s Recovery — Nearshore Americas

There are two trends that will contribute to Latin America’s recovery in 2021: a growing outsourcing boom and a cybersecurity mesh. Researchers from Nearshore Americas noted the benefits of outsourcing tech-related jobs to Latin America how cybersecurity is shifting towards a node-based approach.

Outsourcing is undergoing continuous transformations to overcome the challenges presented by ever-changing external conditions. New outsourcing trends have emerged, and the focus has moved from budget-friendly to other essential fields and practices.

In conclusion, if you consider outsourcing in 2021, make sure you choose the best BPO partner.

SuperStaff is a comprehensive outsourcing solutions provider that offers offshore call center services in the Philippines and onshore support in the United States.

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